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Best Tips for Android

Best Android Tips

The advent of technology has been increasing tremendously. Laptops, computers, and smartphones are considered the most important part of our lives. Android apps are more versatile and customized apps as compared to others. You can get clever tools and features by digging into settings. It has a wide range of versions, and models and sometimes seems difficult to find the required features. Android apps are user-friendly, and you can get the menus and procedures by varying slightly. This article will help you to describe some best Android tips.

By reading this article, you will be able to learn the better use of Android apps. Click on the link to learn about the best Android Tips.

Cast your Android Screen

Android system provides the facility to make your screen broadcast from a mobile phone. You can attach the Android phone to the television and enlarge the screen.

Besides, beaming videos from TV apps can mirror your phone with streaming. Chromecast is an Android app through which you can easily connect your mobile phone to a TV. By doing this, the display of the mobile will be shown on the big screen of the television.

Make text and images more Visible

If you want to see the text and images more clearly on the mobile screen, android phones are the best option. You can easily zoom in or zoom out on text and objects for a clear view. Not every application has this feature, but most of them will respond in this way.

Moreover, you can also change the Android screen setting which includes the display, font size, on-screen objects, and many more.

Save battery life

There are a lot of simple ways through which you can save the life of the battery. Sometimes in many Android apps, runs in the background even if you don’t need it. Which included:

Bluetooth and Wifi

Screen Brightness

Adobe Flash

· Frequently updated apps

Incredible technology has created some apps, particularly for Android users. It controls all the battery-consuming apps smartly. By downloading one specific app, you can resolve this problem and keep your mobile battery safe.

Gain storage space

Every Android device has a memory card slot through which you can extend the space of storage. It takes up too much space on your mobile when you download videos, apps, or pictures. You can easily transfer your data to the memory card and free up space quickly.

It is considered the best Android tip for users. Even you can delete or move your data from mobile to card very easily. Uniquely,

Instant Apps Best Android Tips

Instant apps are not required downloaded. These are native apps in all Android phones through their updated functionalities. These apps are easily accessible on Android devices without any downloading.

Moreover, you can also use their trial versions in Android systems. These apps are small in size. It takes up very little space on your Android devices.

Try some Widgets

If you want to get the weather information, an overview of your appointments, or access to music control, add some widgets to the home screen. It is the best Android tip because it gives quick and easy access to the apps.

Furthermore, widgets also consist of top-line information such as navigation, torchlight, productivity, and many more.

Keep Notification at Bay

Smartphones are a big source of keeping connected and reachable at every time. Android devices can show notifications instantly. You can easily get notifications on the home screen of your devices.

You can easily check the view and dismiss the notification. Even it also has one other feature, Do Not Disturb, that blocks useless notifications.

Disable the Lock screen at home 

The best Android Ideas include the screen lock that keeps your device safe. You can set up a PIN code or set up a fingerprint scan to unlock your phone. In this way, you can secure the phone from others. Moreover, you can easily unlock your phone by setting up a screen lock.

One-handed mode

Nowadays, the growing size of the mobile phone is becoming harder to operate one-handed. Go to Android devices. You can customize your keyboard according to your feasibility.

You can easily activate the one-handed modes through Google’s keyboard app. It makes it very convenient to operate Android phones one-handed.

Choose new Default Apps is the Best Android Tips

In the best app tips, choosing default apps is essential and advantageous. Android users have the facility to choose the default apps according to their desire. Default apps included texting apps, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, photo apps, and so on.

After downloading the default app, you can see a shortcut on your home screen. This is a very flexible app tip through which you can find your required apps. Further,

Change volume setting independently

Every Android device has numerous audio options, including ringtones, phone calls, notifications, and media. You can easily adjust the volume according to your requirements individually. However, Android phones have volume buttons to make the volume louder and softer. Besides,

Photos backup automatically

The worst thing is to lose your memorable pictures that aren’t backed up. Android system provides the facility to back up your photos automatically. You can enable the auto-backup, and your photos can be stored automatically. Moreover, you can use the drive storage space to keep your photos safe.

Factory Reset protection

Android apps have one option known as factory reset protection. It is particularly used to protect your mobile phone. Unfortunately, if your phone is ever stolen, any new owner cannot use your phone without having your password. It is enabled automatically on Android devices. You must be careful to restart your phone after changing the password. Furthermore,

Conclusion Best Android Tips

In a nutshell, technology is revolutionizing day by day, and people are getting too indulged.

Many Android devices are becoming the main part of our lives. Android apps are also used in diversified fields of life such as education, medicine, business, and many more. The best Android tips are given above that will help you to make your Android devices more useful.


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