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Best reasons to use the Google Voice

Introduction Google Voice

Google Voice is considered the best telephone service to make unlimited calls anywhere, particularly in the US and Canada. It has also included call forwarding, voice mail service, and text messaging certainly for US Google customers. This service has inaugurated on March 11, 2009. It consists of so many features that make the services excellent as well as saving a couple of bucks.

It is convenient for both personal and business use. With some advancements, it is also available for mobile users through the app. A large number of people are using this app all over the world to make countless calls. As well as they also get some amazing features in this app. You can select the cellular number or landline phone numbers as per your demand. The numbers have been given according to the selected area codes. (Google Voice)

Here are some features that help to understand it more appropriately.


Convenient for homes and business

It seems very attractive to get a free landline and save the residential and office phone bills. Google gives the best services to provide landline phone connection with its account and device.

As well as it is very convenient to save your office phone bills. You can make unlimited calls through this connection. Moreover, you can also use the app on your smart devices and make unlimited calls and messages for free.


Voice record and Calls download

It tends to be very expensive to record some important calls but you can get it very easily through Google. The numbers that are registered with Google can get this facility on their landlines as well as mobile phones through the app. You can find easily all the options to record the calls and get the recording of the voice call.


Adjust the voice as per your need

Voice telecommunication has enriched the number of adjustments. It depends on you what are your requirements and how you want to make it more feasible for you. All the adjustments are available in the settings sections on smartphones. These modifications have made it more convenient for everyone.


Get the Notifications

This unique voice app provides the facility to get notifications on your mobile screen. As well as there are many notifications setting that you can adjust according to your desire. You can change the ringtones of the notification and make it on the vibration as well. It is a very user-friendly app that helps in so many ways to its users. You can’t miss a single call, SMS, or voice mail by using this voice number.


Messaging through voice number

This Google service is incomplete without voice text messaging. You can add your SIM number on the voice app and can facilitate all the features. Additionally, you can also receive and send text messages with the help of your voice number. Furthermore, you can use it on WIFI and through the Internet. It is very feasible for everyone.



There are several reasons that enforce people to adopt the voice number that has been designed by Google. (Google Voice) It is the best way to utilize the Google number as your communication medium. Some good reasons are given below that will describe that this service is best for you.


Routing power

Google Voice. The Voice number of Google is helping to detect many problems that you face with your number. When you sign in and get the number, you can feed all the existing numbers in it. Furthermore, you can adjust it according to your preferences such as work phone, home phone, cell home, and anything else. You can also receive the call at your convenience. It all happens with the help of routing options.

As well as you can also customize it if you want to receive a call from certain numbers. You can also adjust some specific numbers that will be routed only in your voicemail. It is the best reason to use the voice number. In this way, you can also discriminate between your personal and official callers. It is very convenient for everyone to use.


Power of screening

This app is full of unique features that are ideal for everyone. When you receive the call on your phone, you can find all the details of the caller. Google receives the information from your address book and then shows the ID of the caller on your screen.

On the other side, if you find the call from an unknown number, Google first asks for the identity of the caller and plays it when you receive the call. It is just an amazing reason to use the voice number. Furthermore, you can also set the templates if you don’t want to attend the call at that moment. Such as sending a message to voice mail recording the call, and many other options like this.


Power of Voice mail

The system of voice mail enables you to hear the voice message while someone is recording it. If you want to get the mid message, you just need to press the start button and start to talk with another person. It is very easily accessible through the web as well.

You can also receive and forward voice messages from the website. It also provides the facility to exchange your voice message with text. With the help of text transcription, the receivers will get your voice message in the form of text. It seems very interesting and fascinates the users.


Mid-call power

The voice number of Google gives the facility of recording in the middle of the call. By pressing just one button you can start and stop the recording of the call. You can find these recordings online. As well, you can also switch phones easily without any interruption. It is a great reason that allows you to adopt this app.


The Bottom line

The bottom line is that Google is playing a pivotal role to facilitate people through different apps. Same as Google also provides voice numbers that become the best telecommunication service for you. It is the most convenient way to reduce your phone bills on a residential as well as an official basis.

Moreover, many reasons are there that make the voice number more compatible as compared to others. It has so many features that facilitate you in various ways.


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