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Top 10 Android Features in the Latest Mobiles

The updated version of Android introduced its newest features in the shape of the 9.0 Android operating system. Its cool features will change the way you use your mobile. Here you will know about the top 10 Android features.

All these great features make digital life more comfortable. As the user will have advanced access to every app, this leads him to operate Android phones with the freedom of access.

The constant development in the operating systems has made it challenging to identify which feature is useful or what it is for.

Here in this article, you will learn about the best features which you can use to make robust control of apps. These inventions are infinite that you will receive off and on.

1. Navigation Gesture

Android users are familiar with the old Three-button navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. The updated version of Android offers the drop of the standard Home, Back, and Recent buttons in the navigation system.

Future Android devices will have these features built-in. Perhaps, the update will show the old badge.

Method: Settings > System> Gestures> Swipe up on the home button, 

Note: Navigation will change.

2. Adaptive Battery and Brightness

Especially, the android 6 marshmallow adaptive battery is an extraordinary feature. Idle those apps. Maybe, Which you do not use during sleep. This saves the battery.

The adaptive battery lets you control the apps and services you use most often, you can adjust what you do and what you don’t to use less battery.

Method: Setting > Adaptive battery 

Note: Less-used apps also have delayed notifications.

3. App Actions

App action is an intelligent feature as it predicts what you will use. For example, It will run by following your routine.

It will display Google Maps navigation at the morning start of your working hours, and at work, it will show app action of hangouts, and plug-in headphones will show a recent playlist. This prediction is designed after 3D Touch on iPhone.

4. Slices (Top 10 Android features)

 Like app actions, Slice works to help you go straight to the particular app you were working on.

5. Improved Security Features

All Android security updates are not exciting. Still, you should know the particular two of them. Android restricted access to MiC, camera, contacts, and all sensor manager sensors of all Idle apps.

This restriction is hard as you can not get access to the app even. If you give permission. Because It depends upon frequent usage. 

6. Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing is not part of Android. But, it is expected that. It will be one of its best features. Google has designed this suite of features to stay updated about your phone usage or apps you use frequently.

On the dashboard, the user sees notifications received from apps, the Duration of each app usage, and the number of times you check your phone.

Note: There is also an option you can make your own daily phone usage limits. As this will save you from mobile addiction.

7. New Accessibility Menu

Android is developing many accessibility features. But, how user-friendly they are questioning. Android Pie gives simple access to functions for assistance. Thus, I am recommending these top 10 Android features.

Method: Setting > Accessibility > Accessibility menu.

Note: Displays apps Like hangouts, plug-in headphones, and recent playlists. 

8. Screen Rotation

User-friendly Screen rotation is a very useful feature as it rotates the screen according to the mobile position (Top 10 Android features ). 

In the newest version of Pie, if Auto-rotate is turned off, there will be a new icon on the right side of the navigation bar, rotating your device to landscape. By Taping it, you can lock in landscape orientation, 

9. Sound Improvements

When you click on the volume button. A new slider will show up on the right corner, by pressing the volume buttons. You can make changes in the media column in place of the ringer control option.

This simple and user-friendly tweak will keep you safe from suddenly opening a video with high volume. Moreover,

10. Method

For mute click on the Note icon, the same is done to turn on the volume. In addition, the same icon is used to operate calls while ringing and vibrating. The gear icon is required to modify advanced settings or detailed adjustments. top 10 Android features

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