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The Best Android Apps All The Time

Google play store has a plethora of Apps; the rough estimate is around 2.9 Million. Many Apps are offering the same functions. So it is better to know about all the applications before using them. This article has a list of the best Android apps at the time, So can get complete detail about all paid and free apps for Android 2019 devices. in addition,

Featured in Best Android Apps

Android has a lot of best launches, but Nova Launcher is foremost and very famous. Its performance is smooth and fast, also lightweight, and has oodles of Customization. The best part is you can select your favorite Icons from the packs of them available in the store. This launcher supports App drawer customization. Also, it has notification badges, a Scrollable dock, a Folder, and icon customization. Furthermore,

SMS Organizer

If you are still fond of texting or living in a country like India, where SMS is a thing, then this app is a great help for you to set up organized Messages. This App is built by Microsoft, and it tends to offer great help in the management of unwanted text messages that you may receive all day. Services that you will get are. Besides,

  1. Dark theme 
  2. Tabbed interface 
  3. Intelligent sorting, 
  4. Reminders 
  5. PNR status
  6. SMS backup & restore

Swift key

Best Android keyboard

 The Swift key is considered the best keyboard and has 250 million downloads all over the world. Also, it is famous due to the artificial intelligence that allows it to predict what users going to type.


1. Autocorrect 

2. Gestures for fast typing

3. GIF built-in engine

4. Themes

5. Keyboard 

This application doesn’t require and save any personal and sensitive information that other forms required, such as credit card numbers. Plus point of this application is that it enhances your typing skills and makes it easy to type on Android devices. Furthermore,

Ever-note (best Android apps)

Best note-taking app for Android users

Evernote is used as one of the best Apps to take notes in different formats. This App can save your important notes in the form of texts, photos, audio, sketches, videos, and more. It’s beneficial to keep organized your hectic routine quickly accessible to your notes. I’ll say that it is one of the unique and productive applications for Android users who want to facilitate workflow and keeps up-to-date across all your sync devices. Moreover,

 Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

One of the best Android App

Skipping your morning alarm is almost a habit of everyone, and it seems very difficult to get up in the morning. If you are one of them, then the Alarmy application is perfect for your Android device. Alarmy has multiple sounds and music that is a unique way to break your laziness. Its snooze option enforces you to get up on time by ringing again and again. Until you can’t turn off the snooze Alarm, its annoying music will not be stopped. As well, this app is dubbed “the most annoying app” on Android devices. But it’s constructive to make you punctual according to your time schedule and should be part of your set cool for Android apps.

Also featured in Best Android Office Apps

Especially, this application is mainly developed for Official use with all-in-one features. It is amicable with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. As well as, it combines the memo, presentations, google docs, and PDFs. This App consists of a PDF converter editor and file-sharing abilities that handle data encryption, multi-window mode, etc. this App is user-friendly and can be connected with google drive automatically, which saves your data to the cloud platform. Overall, it is the perfect App for the office to use the best Android apps all the time. Besides,

ES File Explorer 

Best File Explorer App 

Es file explorer is a very well-known app that deals with the file manager app with all essential features. It consists of a space analyzer that enables this App to manage to free up space on your device. It is straightforward to share the media with the help of wifi. There is also a feature of App Manager where you can uninstall/backup the different applications. As well as the Root Explorer feature helps you to unlock the functions of other rooted devices’ best Android apps all the time.


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