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Mark Roemer Oakland Examines How to Build A Faux Fireplace


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, there are not many things that can provide the same level of coziness offered by a fireplace. Unfortunately, a traditional fireplace is uncommon in modern living apartments and there is no space to create one. However, it is still possible to create a faux fireplace in your modern abode with basic woodworking skills. The process is fairly easy and simple to perform. Follow the steps listed below to build a faux fireplace:

The Steps about Faux Fireplace

1. Create the fireplace carcass – Draw the appropriate dimensions of the top, middle, and bottom pieces of the carcass on a wooden plane and then cut them into separate pieces. Do the same to create the vertical sidewall.

Now, take measurements to create the doors and the drawer front. Next, you have to attach the skeleton pieces together first using glue and pocket screws of the appropriate sizes. Typically, ¾ inch screws are suitable for the main body.

2. Attach the molding – Measure the top of the fireplace carcass to calculate the upper molding size. Cut the plywood of the appropriate size and attach it to the upper half with glue and 1 ¼ inch brad nails.

Do the same to create the base molding but make sure it has 45-degree miters around the corners. Be sure to attach the case molding to the cabinet doors and drawer front.

Apply veneer edge banding to all the exposed edges of the fireplace including the top, doors, and the drawer front. Use a razor knife or banding trimmer to trim them and then use sandpaper to make them smooth

The paint job and decoration

Use a paint sprayer or a brush and roller to paint the fireplace, drawer, and doors with an appropriate color. To give it an authentic look, you can add German Schmear that imitates a faux brick look using ¾ inch brad nails or ¾ inch narrow crown staples.

4. Attach all the pieces together – Finally, you have to create the drawer, drawer fronts, drawer slides, drawer bottom, cabinet doors, and attach them using 1 ¼ inch pocket screws. To create the drawer, you can clamp and glue the cut side pieces. Cabinet doors can be installed with euro-style hinges with ⅛ inch of the gap above the base molding.

Before installing the drawer slides, you have to measure the center point of the fireplace. This would allow you to mount the drawer slides to the center. The last step is to attach the drawer front by drilling 1/16-inch pilot holes from the inside of the drawer and attaching them with 1 ¼ inch wood screws in the middle and each end.

Conclusion of Faux Fireplace

Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you build a faux fireplace even if it takes some effort because it can act as a very good storage space and looks beautiful. You can store books, table linens, picture boxes, movies, etc. The possibilities are endless!


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