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How to Create Social Videos with your Smartphone

Create Social Videos: Earlier on, creating unique video material needed the purchase of high-end camera systems that cost an extortionate amount and were a headache to handle. Nowadays, owing to technological improvements and the expansion of social media networks, your smartphone is all you really need.

From video quality to filming options, today’s smartphones carry a heavy punch that is worth bypassing certain recording devices. As a result, anyone with an iPhone or Android smartphone can become a blogger or video maker. If you want to advertise and sell your business utilizing videos or mini-series, you must keep up with the competition.

Fortunately, capturing and editing beautiful films with your smartphone is simple, with a wide range of video makers and editors available online– if you know what you’re doing.

Continue reading, and we’ll teach you how to generate material that is absolutely worth seeing on social media. (Create Social Videos)


Landscape Layout and Framing

Nothing destroys beautiful recordings like two black vertical slats running down both sides of it. To eliminate this unprofessional error, make sure to capture in landscape mode rather than portrait mode.

Landscape not only makes your clip more visually appealing overall. But it also makes it a little more interesting to watch when seen on a widescreen or television. Furthermore, you’ll depict more in the actual video. The video maker you would be using will easily provide you with the best possible layout to make your video.

So, except if you genuinely enjoy or want to see those vertical black bars featured (or if you’re filming just for TikTok or Instagram Stories), never set your phone vertically when filming.

Populate the frame with the object now that you’re filming in the correct direction (see above). You may also position him or her slightly off-center to establish a more aesthetically appealing setting. Simply experiment to find what looks best.


Once you’re in the camera settings on most phone camera programs, you can activate gridlines, which display vertical and horizontal grids on the display while shooting. The ‘rule of thirds is the most common centering method. So if you enable a 3×3 grid on your camera app. You may line up the subject with one of the vertical ‘third’ lines or utilize the horizontal lines to get the line of sight in the correct place.


Purchase a tripod

Besides the operating system, consider purchasing some technology as well. A tripod, for example, may help you better manage the motion of your cell phone camera. This is particularly important at nighttime or in poor lighting when you’re more likely to produce blurry, unsteady photos.

There are numerous types of tripods available on the market. The key to acquiring the proper one is deciding what type of films you want to produce and then purchasing the gear to match your goal.

Desktop tripods, as the name implies, are ideal for mounting your phone on a level surface and perhaps shooting a vlog or doing a Livestream.

Conventional tripods, on the other hand, feature longer legs that are ideal for photographing landscape shots and time-lapse recordings outside.

An octopus-style tripod is a suitable alternative if you want to obtain some very dynamic photos. When shooting from unusual angles, these tripods’ legs are flexible enough to wrap around poles or trees.



Avoid overly backlit scenarios.

When individuals and their faces are backlit, you may indeed be able to see them. But your phone camera normally cannot and will produce the film with a brilliant light haloing a dark figure. That image will also be devoid of apparent characteristics, implying that you just overlooked what it was that you were attempting to capture. Unless your smartphone has really sophisticated HDR capabilities, this is something you should absolutely keep an eye on.

To avoid this, consider setting a simple light arrangement. Those who are filming on the go can enhance a backlit scenario by moving between one side or another or by repositioning their subject so that they face the light. Although some stock camera apps attempt to minimize the effects of ambient lighting. You should also attempt to reduce the effects on your end.


Make good use of sound

According to a recent survey, 92 percent of people watch mobile videos with the sound turned off. So, while shooting videos, especially those for Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, try not to rely too heavily on audio. Create video material that may be played on silent by including captions or subtitles as needed. If your video lacks a monologue or conversation, consider adding a piece of engaging music or experimenting with sound effects instead.

You could use a video editor for this process that will help you with several options to enhance the video effects. You could even try writing your own – posting original music as content is a terrific way to monetize Instagram, in case you didn’t know. Getting a microphone is usually a good idea if you’re going to film some video material with conversation or a voice-over. Unlike video cameras, which have an auxiliary input connected to them. Your smartphone’s mic is built-in and will undoubtedly pick up far more background noise than you’d want.


Create & Editing Social Videos

Finally, little video editing may be necessary to transform your film from “okay” to “amazing.” And these days, you can conduct intensive editing on your smartphone with quick video makers and video editors, so you won’t need to pay for expensive desktop software.

On both ios and Android devices, anything from basic clipping to adding transition processes, labels, and effects is simple. Whether you’re making a mashup or a school presentation, smartphone applications can help you get the job done faster.


Finally (Create Social Videos)

The most important recommendation is to have fun. Be inventive. Continue to watch videos for inspiration. At this stage, it’s simply a matter of putting your social video content out there and determining what works best for your viewers. For enterprising filmmakers, creating outstanding videos can be a fun and rewarding venture. Follow these methods to master the art of smartphone filming.


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