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Learn How to Take a Selfie With These Tips

How to Take a Selfie? People used to laugh at the selfie craze. They thought selfie-takers were self-absorbed and silly! But, nowadays, selfies are everywhere.

You use them on dating apps, social media, and to make memories. Some people even attach a photo of themselves on their resumes.

But what if you don’t know how to take a selfie? You’re missing out, and it’s time to change that! So, keep reading to learn a few selfie tips to help you improve.

Find the Right Angle

Do you know which side is your “good side”? That’s the angle that makes you look best. Try to capture it when you’re taking selfies!

When you take a photo straight-on, it can look awkward or tense. When you go from an angle, though, it adds depth and looks more attractive. Try tilting your head, holding your phone from an angle, or adjusting the direction you’re facing.

How to Take a Selfie? Keep it Natural

If your selfies are full of stiff poses or forced smiles, they’ll look bad. People would rather see you for who you are! Act like yourself and keep it natural.

To get an authentic smile, you might ask a friend to tell you a joke behind the camera. You could goof around and ask a friend to take candid photos of you, too.

Take Several Photos at Once

Give yourself more than one shot to get it right! One of the best selfie tips is to take several photos in one go. By doing so, you’ll have more photos to choose from, and you can capture different movements or expressions.

Avoid Indoor Lighting When Possible

Indoor lighting is always harsh. It can cast shadows, ruin camera quality, and expose your insecurities. Instead, take advantage of natural light.

Sunlight provides a warm glow in photography. It illuminates your face while blurring away imperfections. For the best results, learn how to take a selfie during golden hour.

(How to Take a Selfie) Show Off Your Smile

What makes a nice selfie? More often than not, it’s the bright smile that shines within it! Take your selfies to the next level by smiling with your teeth in them every time.

Like laughter, smiles are often contagious. You’ll appear warmer, kinder, and softer by smiling big for the camera.

Remember to avoid forced or fake smiles, though. They’re awkward and obvious to whoever sees them. Your natural and genuine one is better!

Don’t Edit It Too Much

Depending on what you’re doing with your selfie, it can be tempting to edit it. You might want to retouch it, add filters, or insert stickers or graphics. There’s nothing wrong with that, but know it’s possible to go overboard.

When editing your selfies, keep it simple. Stick to a minimum of one or two filters, use a photo resizer as necessary, and you’ll be ready to post it.

You Know How to Take a Selfie

There’s nothing wrong with taking selfies whether you’re alone or with friends. It’s a fun way to express yourself and create memories! Remember this guide, so you’ll always know how to take a selfie worth sharing.

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