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The history of Auburn Basketball

The history of Auburn basketball is very tragic as it is a prime detail relating to the world of basketball. If you are eager to know about Auburn basketball, it is advisable you get some information’s on the history of basketball.

About Basketball

Basketball is a very famous game and Dr. James Naismith has invented this game. The birthplace of Dr. James Naismith is Ontario, Canada. He had given the idea of basketball while his youth school days. He played a game that included thumping a stone off an item by endeavoring to toss another stone at it. (auburn basketball)

The game clearly developed from that point and started the historical backdrop of basketball. There was the drawback of this game was it can only play as an indoor game during winters.

After that, he had involved a soccer ball and two peaches baskets in this game and this game became basketball. 

History of Auburn Basketball

Sports are a very important part of Auburn city. However, the city of Auburn has not any professional team but the Auburn University sports team considers the team of Auburn. The team is called Auburn tigers and they take part in several games.

These games included Auburn’s Basketball, Baseball, Swimming, Football, Diving, and many more. The team of Auburn Basketball tigers is very well-liked. Auburn city is located in Alabama in the United States and it is called the home of Auburn University.

The Auburn Basketball team plays the basketball season on behalf of the South-eastern Conference. In the sixth season of basketball, Bruce Pearl was the head coach of the Auburn basketball team. In 2020, the Auburn basketball tigers have played the SEC tournament and reached the quarter-final. But due to the Coronavirus pandemic 2020, the tournament has been canceled. 

Auburn is a rapidly growing place in the USA, particularly in sports. Auburn Basketball is a program that is represented by Auburn University. This program is the intercollegiate men’s Basketball team. This team competes in the division of NCCA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). 

The tigers do their home practice of games in the Arena, the campus of Auburn University. The Auburn tigers participated ten times in the NCCA tournament. Auburn has also generated 30 NBA draft picks.

Auburn has played a pivotal role in the world of Basketball. The coach of Auburn Basketball has also received the title of National coach of the year in 1999. The former player of Auburn Charles Barkley had inaugurated the hall on the name of Naismith Memorial Basketball in 2006. 

Previous season performance of Auburn Tigers

In 2018-19, the Auburn Tigers has ended the SEC tournament with 30-1, 11-7 scores. In this tournament, the tigers got the triumph from Missouri, South Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee and won the championship.

 It was the second SEC tournament they had won. Before this, they won this tournament in 1985. The tigers had also received the NCCA tournament bid automatically as the seed no. 5.

In this season, they had beaten the Kansas and New Mexico state in 2003. Auburn has won four gathering ordinary season titles and two SEC Tournament titles. 

Auburn Basketball and Social Media

 In this era, social media plays an essential role in so many ways. Millions of people are a fan of basketball and are in love with Auburn tigers. There are various means of social media that help to give information related to Auburn basketball. 

Auburn Basketball App

Auburn University has developed its own official app named “Auburn Athlete App”. This app is particularly designed for both players and users.

This application shares so many things related to Auburn basketball. It includes Auburn’s basketball players, schedule, scores, teams, results, and many more. Anyone can download this application on their smart devices very easily. 

There is also a concept of fantasy games on which people play their favorite games over the internet. People are enabling to play fantasy games with the help of different applications.

The Auburn app also provides this facility to its fans. Furthermore, you can easily customize this app according to your choice.

 You can add your favorite team and find all the news and information about your selected team.

As well, you can also watch the live-streaming on it. This app works very fast. Other than that, people can also visit Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get more updates.  

Communication network of Auburn”  

Auburn consists of different means of communication that include television, radio broadcast, cable televisions, WEGL, and WAUD, especially for radio. People use these communication media to get information and news about Auburn’s Basketball.

Moreover, the newspaper name The Auburn Plainsman, Opelika Auburn news, and The Auburn Villager are circulated in the city. 

There are a lot of people who still are fond of reading newspapers rather than using apps or searching websites. The Auburn Plainsman newspaper is an official paper of the university. This newspaper is supervised by its students.

Information through websites

The advent of technology has made the approach very convenient for people around the world. In the world of sports, there are a lot of websites that provide the latest updates, news, information, live streaming, scores, and results of basketball on the websites.

It is a very compatible way to get the information according to your favorite game and team. These websites included fox sports, Auburn’s official athletic website, ESPN, BBC Sports, and many others. 

Two Auburn Athletes entered NCAA” 

 The Auburn There is two players who have nominated their names into the NCCA transfer portal. The Myles Parker as Walk-on basketball player and The Jaylin Calvert as a softball outfielder had gone into the Portal. 

Before reaching Auburn, the Parker has selected three times in Alabama at Madison Academy. The Calvert has become the most freshman player for the softball team.

He has started with 23 games and the batting average was .167 plus two home runs.

Basketball as the most favorite game in Auburn”   

There are a lot of sports that have been played in Auburn but Basketball is the most popular and well-liked game. There are many reasons for it. People like to play and watch this game, particularly in Auburn because of the Auburn Athlete University. 

Here are some real facts that become the reason for the popularity of Basketball in Auburn. 

A sport for every age

The main reason for the hype of basketball in Auburn is that people of every age can play this game. People can play this game in groups, or with a few couple persons.

Even you can also play this game by yourself. It is considered as the best sport as an indoor game. Other than team players, many people want to play this game. They can easily enjoy this game at every age.

As well as, it is great to do exercise for some old age persons. There are a lot of schools that allow playing basketball on the school basketball court. It is a good way to start learning skills in the kids. 

The Backyard Basketball

The most convenient thing about basketball is that you don’t need to make a fancy court. Even you don’t require the expensive equipment as you need for other sports.

You can enjoy this game with just a ball and a hoop. You can make your backyard a court and start to play the game.

As well, you can also put portable hoops that are easily moveable anywhere. These portable hoops are available at an affordable price. This game is so flexible that’s why the people of Auburn like this game. 

Best for Kids at an early age

This game is perfect for kids at an early age. Because basketball is based on skills and it also enhances the power in the kids. Parents can provide small portable hoops to facilitate their kids.

They can simply practice anywhere even in their rooms. As your kids grow, you can move up the hoop. This is the best to teach basketball at an early age. After learning, these kids become part of Auburn Athlete University. 

Practice anywhere

One of the most amazing things is that it is a versatile game. People can easily practice anywhere. You can create your court where ever you want. This game is played around for more than 100 years. Its small loops can easily install anywhere.

Furthermore, this game has also does not very strict rules. It is very easy to play and learn.

These are some reasons that make this game the best not only for the population of Auburn, as well for the entire world. 

Competitors of Auburn Basketball Team” 

Auburn Basketball Team has some strong rivals that come in the field of Basketball to compete with them. Here are some strong competitors on Auburn:


Alabama is also famous as the “Iron Bowl of Basketball”. It is a very vicious rival of Auburn and they met the first time in the Southern Conference tournament.

This tournament was held on 1st March 1924. Unfortunately, the Auburn basketball team had lost the game by 19-40. The second time they met in the SEC tournament was in 1971 and unluckily, again lost the match with 16-38.

After this, on December 24, 1949, Auburn defeats Alabama with 45-40. Both teams confronted 9 times and Alabama has won the title of All-time series with 97-65 scores.


Georgia is considered the oldest and strong competitor of the Auburn basketball team. They first met at Columbus in 1908. Luckily, Auburn won the match with 34-20 scores.

The Auburn and Georgia come in court at least once every year. In the competition with Georgia, Auburn has won the All-time series with points one 96-95.


 Indeed, the UAB is also a strong competitor of the Auburn basketball team. They had met 21 times and historically, the two programs are a strong background.

The first game had held on November 26, 1982, and the match had won by Auburn 63-61. They have met almost 16 times in two decades. The auburn has won the all-time series from UAB with 11-10 scores. 

Some best games of Auburn Basketball

Here are some best basketball games that Auburn has won. 

  • Iron Bowl 2019
  • Iron Bowl 2017
  • Auburn basketball has defeated Florida in 2019 (65-62)
  • SEC ball championship 2019
  • Georgia Game 2017

 “Some variations in Basketball

Basketball is a very flexible, versatile, and interesting game. There are a lot of variations that have been done to make it more fascinating. Some variations are given below:

Wheelchair Basketball

Furthermore, wheelchair basketball as the name denotes its meaning. Wheelchair basketball is particularly has designed to move as fast as possible in the court.

This variation has made this game more interesting for both spectators and players. The rules have been set by the International wheelchair basketball Federation (IWBF). 

Water Basketball

As its name describe the meaning that the basketball that has been played in the water. The rules and regulations of basketball are quite different as compared to basketball.

Moreover, it is the amalgamation of traditional court basketball and water polo. Trickling is not included in the water basketball. 

Beach basketball”    

The basketball that has been played on the beaches is known as the “Beach Basketball.”

This type of basketball is very unique as compared to others. It consists of no backboard hoop and also no dribbling in it. It seems a bit difficult to play on sand because it has no bounds. Its court is a circular much more physical game.

But this variation brings an interest in players and audiences. 

Informal Basketball

Informal basketball is not a variation but it is the game that common people play at their places. People can play just for having fun and they don’t follow the rules strictly.

The main purpose of this type is the enjoyment and makes the moments more interesting. It is known as the best kind.

People can organize this type of game anywhere like their home, backyards to spend a good with basketball. You can make a lot of fun while playing this game.

Some Awards and Honours of Auburn Basketball

Here are some awards and honors that Auburn had won.

  • Cliff Ellis had won the Award of “National Coach of the Year” in 1999.
  • The coaches Joel Eaves in (1960), Bob Davis in (1975), Tommy JOE Eagles in (1990), Sonny Smith in (1984,1988), and Cliff Ellis in ( 1995,1999) had won the awards from “SEC Coach of the Year”. 
  • The Alabama Sports Hall of fame had given the honor to Joel Eaves in 1978 and Sonny smith in 2007. 

Few things that make the auburn basketball great

There is no doubt that basketball is a very popular game but what are the things that make it splendid? Here are some key factors that create an interest in this game and make it fabulous for everyone.

Size of Basketball

As I said before that basketball is considered a flexible game and the most amazing thing is the size of the ball. These balls are available in various sizes according to the age group.

The size of the ball has been checked from circumferences. The official site of the basketball is 29&1/2( size7). The size of the ball plays a pivotal role in dribbling and ball control. As well as, it also helps to build confidence in the initial stages.


Basketball can play in both indoor and outdoor places. these balls are compatible in both situations and very durable. The main thing in the ball is to lose the texture and design due to friction.

The dirt surface, pebbles, moisture, and metal nets also affect the balls. These are high-quality balls and very durable. Besides,

Material of ball” 

The manufacturing material of the basketball is rubber, leather, and synthetic substance. The leather helps to make the ball more professional and convenient for outdoor basketball too.

As well, it is also available in different colors that attract the players and other people. It has the best grip and built balance while playing basketball. In addition,

Portable hoops for auburn basketball

Portable hoops are also an essential factor to make this game great. The hoops can easily be adjustable and moveable anywhere. It means you can make your court anywhere without having any trouble.

Furthermore, these are available at very economical prices. It is a very interesting part of basketball while playing informally.

Conclusion To gather all the information, basketball is a very well-liked game and people are in love with it. Auburn Basketball is a program that is created by Auburn University.

The team of Auburn is familiar with the name of Auburn Basketball Tigers. They had gotten many achievements in the field of basketball. This game has is very flexible and has flexibility in it.

Many people can play this game at their places. Social media also helps a lot to give the fame and hype of the tournaments related to basketball. Even Auburn has also its own website and app that provides all the latest news, scores schedule, and results related to Auburn basketball.


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