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Auburn Men’s Basketball

Introduction of Auburn men’s Basketball

The Auburn men’s basketball is a program that is offered by Auburn University. It is an intercollegiate men’s basketball team. The university competes in various areas and places such as Southeastern Conference in NCCA, the collegiate Athletic Association.

The players that belong to this university mostly do their practices of matches in the Auburn Arena. The Auburn Arena is situated in Alamba and also in the University. This certain program was originated in 1906 and at present, Bruce Pearl is the coach. They facilitate their players and fans in so many ways.

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The Auburn men’s Basketball is a great inspiration for everyone because they have won four conferences of regular-season championship. As well, they have also made their appearance in the NCCA tournament in about 10 minutes.

Moreover, Auburn has also been selected 92 times for the ALL-SEC. One more achievement of the Auburn is about 30 of the NBA drafts that include Chuck Person and Chris Morris. Both players went along the fourth overall pick and it had proven the highest one in the history of Auburn.

Furthermore, two players won the title of SEC player of the year named Charles Barkley in 1984 and Chris Porter in 1999. The five coaches of Auburn had been selected as the SEC coach 7 times. The “Cliff Ellis” was the former head coach and had won the title of “National Coach of the year” from memorial basketball hall.

Former coaches

1. Mike Donahue

Mike Donahue, also known as “Iron Mike”. He was the first person who was the head coach of men’s basketball. has joined when the program initially started in 1906. He has set the record as the longest tenure men’s basketball coach in the history of Auburn.

Mike Donahue provided his coaching services for 16 seasons. The ending of his record was with a 70-80-1, and except for this truly inspiring achievement, he was also an athletic director. He furthermore, coached football, basketball as well as tracks, and other soccer teams that were present at Auburn.

2. Ralph Jordon

Ralph ‘Shug’ Jordon happens was the most famous coach for football at Auburn. He coached the Auburn men’s basketball program for almost 10 seasons. Before this, he was the head of the football coach. While he was coaching the men’s basketball program, he was also a football assistant coach.

Soon, he became the head men’s basketball coach in 1933. He used to play football and basketball himself from 1929 to 1933. He coached for some years i.e. until 1942, after which he went overseas to fight in World War II as an officer.

After he performed his duty in the War, he turned back to Auburn and then coached again from 1945 to 1946. Then, he left Auburn and went to Georgia as a basketball coach.

3. Joel Eaves

Joel Eaves was the 12th head men’s basketball coach, and he coached from 1949 to 1963. He was a former basketball player as well as a football player.

He played from 1934 to 1937 under the previously mentioned coach, Jordon. It was under the coaching of Eaves when Auburn won its first-ever SEC championship, in 1960. This led to him gaining the prestigious title of being the SEC coach of the year. He finished a record of 213-100 at Auburn, which made him the winningest men’s basketball coach in Auburn history.

Awards and honors

The national coach of the year title

1- Cliff Ellis, in 1999

2- The SEC coach of the year title

3- Joel Eaves, in 1960

4- Bob Davis, in 1975

5- Sonny smith in 1984 till 1988

6- Tommy Joe Eagles in 1990

7- Cliff Ellis, in 1995 and 1999

The Alabama sports hall of fame

· Joel Eaves in 1978

· Sonny Smith in 2007

Some of the facilities provided

Auburn University has provided them all possible facilities to their players such as:

1. The alumni gymnasium (Auburn men’s basketball)

The first on-campus facility for basketball was the Alumni Gymnasium. The inauguration of this alumni gymnasium was held in 1916. Most of the home games were held here until the Auburn sports Arena opened up in 1946.

2. The Auburn Sports Arena

The Sports Arena of the Auburn University was formed in 1946; it was consisted of 2500 seats and particularly constructed for Multi-purposes. The nickname of this Arena was ‘The Barn’. However, it was converted into the Eaves-Memorial Coliseum soon.

3. The beard eaves memorial coliseum

The beard eaves memorial coliseum has been established into a 10.500 seated multi-purpose area. It had opened in 1969. This year it opened up with the name ‘memorial coliseum’. It was soon renamed after a former player who later became the coach i.e. the head men’s basketball coach, Joel Eaves. (Auburn men’s basketball)

Then name had changed to Joel Eaves Memorial Coliseum in his honor, in 1987. Finally, it was renamed again, and the final name was the Beard-eaves memorial coliseum in 1993. This included best basketball shoes for ankle support the name of the former athletic director, Jeff Beard. Then, the Auburn further boasted a record of 393-182 at Beard-eaves-Memorial coliseum.

Auburn has won 30 home games from 1997 till 1998 season. The final game season of 1999 to 2000 is considered the longest one in Coliseum History. It was the first longest winning streak of Auburn.

This was the second-longest winning streak at that time, for the whole nation, as well as the second-largest in the history of Auburn.

Moreover, Auburn played the final season in the beard-eaves memorial coliseum in 2009 till 2010. The final game was also held there on the 3rd of March, 2010. Mississippi State was beaten by Auburn here.

4. The Auburn Arena

Furthermore, on the 29th of June, in 2007, Auburn had further announced. They planned to build a new basketball arena for the auburn men’s basketball, that too for $92.5 million. It included the practice facilities for the season 2010 till 2011.


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