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Making your Internet Faster – A Guide

The majority of us rely on high-speed internet for most of the tasks that we carry out throughout the day. While students rely on a fast connection to attend online classes, many employed people need blazing speeds to run sophisticated online tools. Alongside, professional gamers need to ensure that they have a fast internet connection to avoid any chances of lag during their gameplay. The question is: how can you make your internet faster?

A lot can depend on your internet service provider as some ISPs, such as Xfinity, give you high-speed internet by default. In the case that you too are looking for a speedy connection, you should look into Xfinity wifi plans to see the packages that they offer so that you may decide which package suits your internet needs the most. Moreover, here are some things you can try on your end to make your internet faster than it is right now:

Change the Position of your Router

Sometimes, doing something as simple as changing the place of your router can do wonders for your internet speed. You need to make sure your router is as close to you as possible.  This is because routers transmit signals that travel all the way to your devices so that you could access the internet. The further the router is, the weaker these signals would become. In order to make your internet signals stronger. You should try putting your router in a more central position in the house. You should also make sure you don’t have that many walls in the way or even pieces of furniture, since they obstruct the way of your WiFi signals, causing a slow internet connection.

Put your router in the center of the house. You might need a longer cable otherwise you would be restricted when it comes to repositioning your router in the house. By placing your router at the center. The devices that need the most bandwidth such as laptops and smartphones would easily receive the optimum strength of signals.

Use WiFi Extenders (Make your Internet Faster)

If you feel like your router isn’t enough to cover your whole house. You can even use extenders or repeaters that can help enhance the area coverage of the internet. These repeaters receive internet from the parent router and then transmit these signals to the remaining part of the house. This way you can make sure that a larger area of your house has access to the internet. You would not have to worry about changing the position of your router.

Use a LAN Cable instead

An Ethernet cable, more commonly called a “LAN cable” could be a great alternative to connecting your devices wirelessly. Many people tend to prefer a wired connection over a wireless one because it gives you a more stable connection. This way, you don’t have to rely on the signals of your router since there are no signals involved. Your internet speed will not be affected.

Many gamers tend to use Ethernet cables while they are gaming because it gives them a more reliable and stable gaming experience, with little to no speed or latency issues. However, with a wired connection, it’s not always sunshine. On the flip side, a wired connection brings about the limitation of distance. Since you are relying on a wire that is limited in length, you cannot go far away from your router. The next time you need a fast and stable internet connection, don’t forget that you could always use a cable too!

Try Changing the Band of your Router

One of the smartest decisions that you can take to make your internet faster is to change the frequency of the router that it works on. The two bands that you can choose between include the 2.4GHz band and the 5GHz band. While both of them are frequency bands, they have different functionalities from each other. The 2.4GHz band gives you a greater range for your WiFi signals, meaning that the internet signals can travel greater distances.

The 5GHz band has a different function though. It gives you greater signal strength and makes sure your internet connection is faster than it may work on the 2.4GHz band. However, you should know that when you switch to the 2.4GHz band. You are compromising on the signal range and focusing more on the signal strength.

Make sure your Router is up-to-date (Make your Internet Faster)

Above all, you need to make sure that the router you are using is updated. Because routers that have new models are usually more technologically advanced than the old ones. They are optimized to make sure that they provide as much internet speed as possible. An outdated router would probably have security issues and it would not be able to cater to your internet bandwidth needs. The newer your router is, the more it is likely to have a greater bandwidth.

Wrapping Up

These are some ways that you can make sure your internet is working better and faster. The best part is that you don’t need professional help for them and you can do all of these steps at home, on your own. The next time your internet starts getting problematic, you should be sure to follow these steps to fix it!


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