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Some Great Technology Tools that Will Make Your Day Better

Today, in this modern age, where everything is advanced and based on technology. Here is a list of some interesting and useful gadgets.

Mophie Wireless Charging Stand

Wireless charging becomes the need of everybody now. It is still a new technology and, its price is of the total worth. You keep your phone on this pad and see the battery come back to life. There are a lot of good options other than that but the slider design sets it apart.

 The slider allows you to charge your phone flat or at any angle. Whether you want to peek at night or see nuclear information with squat eyes. The fabric cover softens the appearance a bit. Moreover, it charges Qi-compliant devices very quickly through trials for 2, 2 hours, from 3% to 95% on the iPhone XR.

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iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit

Any individual who is not scared of the phrase “revoke the warranty” will need one of these. It is hard to deconstruct current electronics to intentionally fix and replace parts. However, this kit takes care of that.

Honeywell HCM350W Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

The perfect moisturizer for your home this winter. Honeywell is comparatively easy to keep and releases real water vapor instead of water smog. You can keep it running day and night as a 1-gallon tank can run at full 24 hours on low.

Sonos Move Smart Speaker “Great Technology”

Sonos made its famous sound on its first moveable Bluetooth speaker. Its built-in handle makes it easy to carry, but at over 6 pounds, it is perfect for outdoor accommodations – patios, decks, or garages. It has an IP56 rating, so avoid rain, dust, dirt, and other bad things.

The sound is magnificently deep and rich. It connects to Alexa, Siri, and other assistants via Wi-Fi, so one can easily control it directly from his phone, Echo, Apple’s Airplay 2, or directly from the speaker’s mike. There is also Bluetooth connectivity, which works if you use it away from home. And when you are at home, just set it to power on an easy-to-charge charging base without plugging.

Anker Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector

This small projector is the size of a soda can but is able to present a 100-inch HD video for almost up to 3 hours. It consists of a built-in speaker that you can hear. It is a useful gadget for an outdoor movie night.

Google Nest Hub

This Google Nest Hub has some extra features that one will not find anywhere else except on Google’s Smart Home lineup. The largest is the screen, which is related to helpful information at a glance. It also has a hardware button through which you can turn off the microphone in case you are irritated by smart home security issues.


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