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Jesus Is Bliss Presented By RISING STAR

In its continued unveiling of some of the most expensive art and photography in the world, RISING STAR is pleased to announce a new portion of the already incredible collection of one of a kind art pieces.

This particular offering is of 10 photographs and 10 sketches – being sold as sets of two; all 20 original and never before seen by anyone except for the artists.  Additionally, RISING STAR is offering these images in sets of two, one physical photograph and attached with one sketch, with the exclusive ‘Buy-It-Now’ Token (EUXE) programmed with a price of 100 Million US Dollars.


These pieces are continued from RISING STAR’s other incredible photographs and sketches. All of which have the backing of Jesus himself.  Art collectors across the world have fawned over the collection and the presence of the pieces are continuing to grow rapidly. It is only a matter of time before all of the collection falls into the hands of private collectors, there to stay.

These unique pieces are featured in the Earthling Unlimited EUXE (WMX, WMEI, Buy-It-Now, EUX) file format. A highly exclusive token system for the exceptionally rare unicorn and anomaly files. The pieces are put into strict forensic tests and rarity valuations before being accepted into the system. These are available to previously vetted bidders, as well as new bidders being welcome to apply for the vetting process.

Copyright notice:

Earthling Unlimited Extensive Files (EUXE, Buy-It-Now, WMX, WMEI, EUX) is fully protected under the copyright laws of the U.S. and international copyright laws through means of the WIPO, Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), and the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. Reproduction or distribution without expressed, written permission of RISING STAR is strictly prohibited.


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