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Importance of planets to understand birth chart

The stars and planets are the main part of Astrology that represents the horoscope. Indeed, horoscopes depict experiences with the help of the movement of planets. It is very imperative to interpret the location of planets. Similarly, it is essential to understand the birth chart. Besides, it is a fundamental concept to learn how to read the birth chart. The Cafe Astrology birth chart offers you to know about personality, motivations, and desires.

Furthermore, it also represents the attitudes of any person. Information and influence of the zodiac signs are also mandatory to understand the natal chart.

The ancient Babylonians divided the sky into twelve sections and produced the zodiac signs. The calendar of the zodiac depends on time and prediction.

The movement of the planets is known as “Transit.” It affects both positive events and hard times on the earth. The Romans had classified the role of the planet and earth through mythology.

Additionally, Astrology is a mixture of observation and myths. The birth chart shows a clear picture of the specific location of each planet at the time of birth.

Importance of Planets

Now, let’s have a look at how it is necessary to know about the planets to read the birth chart.


1) The Sun

The sun is considered one of the fundamental essences to understanding the birth chart. The position of the Sun matters a lot at the time of birth.

The position of the Sun involves a few things as well. It includes ego, common sense, and basic personality. The Zodiac sign LEO relates to the sun. It is the fire that shows courage and theatricality. It helps a lot to understand the birth chart, Or Cafe Astrology birth chart.


2) The Moon

The fact is that the gravity of the Moon regulates the climate. The oceanic tides are a symbol of everything that happens under the surface.

In the term of Astrology, the Moon describes the emotions of the inner world and the spiritual innate of a person. Apart from this, the moon indicates the zodiac sign of Cancer.

Furthermore, this sign represents nature, protection, comfort, and security. The transit of the Moon is very fast around two and a half days.


3) Mercury

Mercury is considered the smallest and deepest planet in Cafe’s Astrology birth chart. It was the Roman Deity of Gods as well. In the study of astrology, Mercury is the symbol of communication. It works very efficiently on logic.

Moreover, the Moon imitates the emotions of people. The mercury relates to two zodiac signs, Gemini and Virgo.

Besides, it has different expressions on both signs. Virgo considers as input, and Mercury is the output. Mercury provides extraordinary analytical and intellectual skills to express complex ideas.

Additionally, it completes the transit process in 13 to 14 days. Furthermore, this information can help you to read the birth chart of those people who have Gemini and Virgo signs.


4) Venus

Venus is a very bright and vibrant planet that expresses beauty, love, and money. In the study of Astrology, Venus shows off the favorable influence on the life of any person. Furthermore, Venus also spread happiness.

Likewise, it also connects with the art, culture, and ideal perception of love. The Earth sign Taurus and the air sign Libra relates to Venus.

Similarly, the transit time of Venus is approximately four to five weeks as per zodiac signs.


5) Mars

Mars is famous as the Red Planet, and its name was in the Roman war. He is a symbol of action, determination, and aggression.

As well as the people who come up with this planet have very passionate about everything. Moreover, it boosts the energy in a person and also influences physical passion.

Besides, Aries is the zodiac sign that connects with Mars. Mars completes the transit process in approximately six to seven weeks. It is very important to get indulge with planets to understand the birth chart.


6) Jupiter

Jupiter shows the symbols of philosophy, spirituality, abundance, and fortune. The main effect on any personality is encouragement. It expands the scope and enhancement of horizons through philosophy, education, and spirituality.

Jupiter relates to the Sagittarius zodiac sign. The planet Jupiter takes almost 12 to 13 months to transit. These facts are necessary to understand the birth chart of those people who fall in Jupiter.


7) Saturn

The planet Saturn has a giant gas ring that connects with time, restriction, and rules. It depicts the symbols of hard work, accomplishments, and spirit.

On the other side, Saturn is showing that person who loves challenges. Additionally, Saturn relates to Capricorn which shows affection in a very odd way. As well as these people are best in their minds and want to play with rules.


8) Uranus

This planet is unusual and considered the first planet discovered with the help of a telescope.

Aptly, the planet Uranus expresses the signs of technology, improvement, and revolution. Indeed, these planets associate with Aquarius. These people don’t follow the rules.

Moreover, they are always in search of dynamic change and want to think freely. Same as others, the transit period of Uranus is almost seven years.


9) Neptune

In Romans, Neptune was the name of the Sea of God. Neptune shows the power and connection between fantasy and reality. Its energy is powerful, as well as relates to the zodiac sign Pisces.

However, these people have incredible imaginations and mental powers. It takes approximately 14 years to transit. 


10) Pluto

Pluto is the symbol of destruction, transformation, and reproduction as per astrological standards. The power of this planet is to tell the right path in darkness.

Furthermore, this planet governs the Scorpio. Its transit time is around fourteen to thirty years. The people who fall into this category have a unique birth chart (Cafe Astrology birth chart).

In a nutshell, the planets have significant effects on the personality of people.


Natal chart

Additionally, it is very important to know about the planet first to read the birth chart. The natal chart is related to the exact position of the planets at birth time.

Also, you can see that every planet has associated with some zodiac signs. As a result, it is only possible to understand the chart when you get familiar with the planets.


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