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How To Improve Health By Astrology

Astrology Tips

Astrology tips: The world is full of mysteries and many things are yet to discover. Therefore many comprehensions are used to reveal the uncovered. Human life is individually subject to study and understanding, as humans have concerns for a better life and to avoid unexpected bad events. Everyone is conscious of his or her future, what is coming next?

Whether he or she will be successful in life or not. Life comes with so many questions and astrology has the potential to show you a glimpse of life’s upcoming events.

Also, it can uncover the past and cumulate the life of a person. Though all of the information is not accurate yet to some extent it is useful. Apart from all, it is fun to read about yourself in this article you will get the Top 10 astrology tips that you can use to learn about your past present, and future.

The astrology subject is very vast and it is ancient knowledge that people have been practicing since the beginning of human life. Astrology used to be considered magic, as it vigor to, divulge hidden information.

It is the knowledge of starts and by using birth date, place of birth, and name later initials are used for making a report about one’s life event.

Let’s read about the top 10 astrology tips to develop a basic understanding first So the history of astrology would help.

History Astrology tips

Astrology is ancient knowledge that started in the 2nd Millennium BC.

Types of Top 10 Astrology Tips

In Jyotish there are thirteen types therefore there are other types that deal with particular matters of life.

1.         Natal chart (Jataka)

2.         Varshaphala

3.         Electional astrology (Muhurtha)

4.         Financial astrology

5.         Female astrology

6.         Horary / Transit astrology (Gochara)

7.         Relocation astrology

8.         Medical astrology

9.         Meteorological astrology

10.       Mundane

11.       Psychological astrology

12.       Marriage Compatibility Reporting

13.       Para Astrology


Other astrology types

various astrology methods are in use to understand the complex knowledge of astrology.  Hence in the need to make it simpler and more understandable, the subject has been divided into other segments.  Therefore, If you study just astrology then it is nearly impossible to learn its techniques. Here are some subcategories to understand astrology.



Karmic is one of the astrology types that are not very much in practice. Yet it is a very interesting and helpful type in astrology. This type is about the knowledge of reincarnation. The understanding here with karma is about the belief that requires strong faith. It is against many religions and also science denies its facts.

Therefore gathering knowledge about it and learning the techniques has no harm. Unlike other astrology type, it keeps you closer to reality. 

According to the teaching under karma, you are born in different forms that continue for years. Life is an endless cycle it is hard to know when it started and when it will end. A group of people with particular beliefs find this knowledge fascinating and get attracted to it. After learning the basics they develop a hunger to learn every bit of it.



If you are an astrology student and urge to learn its different types then Horary is another type that you can learn to organize your thoughts and answer your questions.

This type is a unique branch that helps you in finding answers. it involves the ritual calendars thus you don’t have to look directly into the sky to understand what stars are telling.

This knowledge is all about the causality of time and synchronicity. The origin of this type is unknown but it started somewhere in ancient times. Horary astrology doesn’t follow the natal chart of other astrology types.



In terms of learning medical astrology, you must know medicine, particularly biology. Different parts of the body are connected to perform as a whole system. The human body itself is a wonder created by God, all parts are useless if they are apart.

So their coordination is important for a healthy body. Each body part has a symbol, in other words, the top 10 astrology tips astrology sign. These signs are associated with different planets.

Although this is very hard to know which body part is under which planet. The study of body parts and planets comes under medical astrology. Moreover,



Men are social animals and relationships are crucial for them. Therefore, the relationship is the most discussed topic among people. They look for answers about their relationships whenever they find themselves in an uncertain situation. A partner is someone everyone is concerned about.

So no one likes to be ditched or failed in a relationship so they always seek answers to remove their doubts. The horoscope is not a problem solver but informs you about good and bad news.  It is like a two-sided coin.

This knowledge predicts the day how will turn out. the astrology predictions are not always true or 100% authentic. Furthermore,


Fixed Stars

Starts are uncountable and they are the same as riddles. Science is researching to gather more information about these stars and galaxies but mysteries are still unsolved.

Astrology reads the solar system. These starts existed a long long time ago, even before our existence. Besides, further about the top 10 astrology ideas are below.

Galaxies are beyond our intelligence it and a common person cannot understand their depth of mysteries.


Zodiac astrology tips

We all know about astrology. We read about it for fun or sometimes for serious matters. All planets are one of the zodiac stars which are twelve. Every star affects the personality born under it. So by monitoring their movements. In addition,



When we get extreme interest in one thing then we spend more time doing it. Astrology is something that makes its students addicted to it. But we all know excess of everything is bad. So try not to be engrossed in the quest of learning astrology.

Lastly, in this article, we have discussed the different types of astrology. there are many more types not mentioned here. Keeping balance in learning about it is advised. Learn it but do not get crazy about it as it can cause delusions.


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