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How Ronnie Teja is Earning 8 Figures from eCommerce

In order to adapt to changing market trends and consumer demands, more and more companies are dipping their toes into the eCommerce sector. At the start, it seems daunting and challenging to create an eCommerce website or online store. But when you are aware of all dos and don’ts, there is a huge potential in this industry, you can earn 8 figures as Ronnie Teja is doing.

It is a great feeling when you are better able to make money while enjoying a good night’s sleep in your bed. Imagine waking up and checking the confirmation details of a huge order through your online business or eCommerce website. This is the beauty of starting an e-commerce business.

In this blog post, we will discuss the success story of Ronnie Teja and his journey of earning 8 figures from eCommerce.

About Ronnie Teja

Ronnie Tejas is a digital marketing and e-commerce business expert. He has huge experience of 15 successful years in the e-commerce sector and managing multiple online ventures worldwide with more than 75 professionally trained workers in his team. Ronnie is the perfect example of a successful serial entrepreneur as he is running and managing multiple businesses online in different industries.

How did He Start?

Right after moving to Canada in 2008, Ronnie switched to different industries and then entered the c-commerce field during 2009-10. At that time, e-commerce was totally new concept and business owners found it difficult to trust and invest their money. Bur Ronnie realized that online selling is the future and there is huge earning potential in this growing industry.

Then he started his first e-commerce website Branzio Watches and scaled the website to a full-feature online watch store. Branzio is a popular e-commerce website people love to visit for buying high-quality and classy watches. He used his extensive digital marketing knowledge and expertise to scale the website and still moving for expansion and further growth.

Edge to eCommerce

Along with a robust online presence, Ronnie Teja Branzio Watches are also available in popular retail stores in Canada, the UK, the USA, and France, etc. This contributes a reasonable portion to help Ronnie reach 8 figures earnings. He said that he personally supervises customer services 24/7 to provide customers with an excellent online shopping experience. This not only builds trust but also increases brand awareness to grow the customer base efficiently.

He leads his team himself and motivates them to deliver great services. Along with Branzio, he is managing more than 15 online stores and e-commerce businesses. And a hybrid team of 75+ trained employees which makes him a successful serial entrepreneur earning 8 figures. He is always looking for smart ways to grow his ventures in this digital landscape.

What Else Does Ronnie Teja do?

As Ronnie is the founder of Branzio Watches, he doesn’t rely on this single store. But has also run several online stores in different sectors like Software and accessories. He uses his wide-ranging digital marketing skills and knowledge to grow his personal brand and online businesses while providing great opportunities to his team as well.

In addition to being a successful online entrepreneur. Ronnie Teja is a famous public speaker and industry expert who talks about digital marketing and e-commerce. A wide range of interviews and podcasts is available over the web. Which could be a great source of knowledge and information for online entrepreneurs.

He also delivers reliable digital marketing and e-commerce development services to help online business owners scale their businesses to reap the great advantages of this growing industry. Ronnie believes in the power, opportunities, and potential of e-commerce it provides for digital marketers and online brands.

Whether it is the matter of acquiring new customers or scaling a website. Ronnie knows what is required to stay ahead of the game. The mission of Ronnie Teja e-commerce stores is to provide next-generation customers with high-quality products, honest reviews, and a smooth online shopping experience. So they can get appropriate products right from the comfort of their homes.

Summing Up

Passion, hard work, determination, and a strong work ethic are the values that helped Ronnie advance a career in the e-commerce sector and achieving 8 figures goals. He also recommends business owners and entrepreneurs stay motivated and adapt to the changing market trends and technologies to thrive greatly.


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