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What is Reverse Dropshipping? Can we make Profits with Alidropship reverse dropshipping?

Reverse Dropshipping: Dropshipping is a popular e-commerce business model where the store owner does not own any inventory. Instead, they purchase items from a wholesaler or distributor and then sell them to customers at a higher price.

Dropshipping stats show that around 70% of online retailers are using this business model. Dropshipping is one of the easiest ways to start your own online store without having to worry about inventory and logistics.

Selling high-quality products overseas? Check out reverse dropshipping.

Reverse Dropshipping

Reverse Dropshipping means shipping from the USA or any other country to China.

Chinese consumers are very aware of the quality differences between Chinese and foreign products. This is why they’re not too keen on buying Chinese-branded items, instead preferring to buy nothing but top-quality foreign merchandise. The sellers know this and so put English labels on the Chinese goods to make them seem like outside products.

Reverse Dropshipping on AliExpress has been made much cheaper than regular Dropshipping. The biggest challenge comes when the content and labels are in English, but not all Chinese-speaking customers speak English too.

If you’re thinking about setting up your own business, it might not be as difficult as you would think. China is a good example – competitors who are selling higher quality products are less common there.

How Reverse Dropshipping Works?

Reverse dropshipping centers on selling expensive products from Western countries to Asian people. You should be aware that this is very expensive and also requires high-quality manufacturing.

Dropshipping is a way of doing business that involves collaborating with a supplier to sell their products. Your supplier will be responsible for making and storing the product, packing it, and distributing your orders to customers.

For example, you could buy a product on eBay or Etsy and sell it at a profit on your own website. You’ll need to set an online price that covers the cost of the product and brings in profit.

For instance, if you were to sell something for $30 at wholesale price and another customer sees your site offering it at a higher price of $75, they will purchase it on your site. The rest of the customers looking for this product then see that there are fewer of that particular product in stock so they won’t go ahead with their order. You first buy the product at wholesale price from your manufacturer, then forward the order to them. You keep what is left of the wholesale price as profit. Your manufacturer will be in charge of distribution and any additional pricing (discounts or shipping).

Started Alidropship Reverse Dropshipping for Just $66.5

Yes, that’s true. I started my reverse dropshipping business for just $66.5. I got a discount on Alidropship plugin using the promo code. Furthermore, I skyrocketed my profits to $1000 in a 3 months period. That’s just amazing.


I started looking for e-commerce products that I would like to buy, as well as some that have a lot of demand. My friend introduced me to the AliDropship plugin and it really simplifies importing products.

Initially, I was using Facebook Ads. Today, I have a lot of channels to sell through: Google, Pinterest, TikTok, in-store blog SEO), influencers, Email Marketing, etc.

I spend about $5K/month on advertising, with the majority of those dollars spent on Facebook ads and Google ads. I use the data from the running ads to learn more about my buyers: what they like, and what they do.


Researching buyers’ demands and finding quality products that I would like to buy myself are my priorities. Every two months, I add a new product. Dropshipping profits are calculated by multiplying the original price by somewhere between 3 and 4.5.

So you can also follow my way where you can have huge profits with your dropshipping business. Looking forward to hearing about your success.


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