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Matthew Davies Stockton Examines Best Reel Mowers and Why Should You Use Them


If you want to keep your lawn well-maintained and make it look attractive, then it’s time to invest in a reel mower. Some of the things you need to remember before buying a push-reel mower are its weight, height, cutting width, cutting height, and the direction of grass spray. Based on the market survey, there is more than one quality reel mower available at a reasonable price. In this article, Matthew Davies Stockton examines the best reel mowers and why should you use them.

The Reel Mowers

Some of the best reel mowers and the reasons you should rely on them are listed below:

1. Great State 5 Blade Reel Lawnmower-/Reel Mowers

It is a manual reel lawnmower with a cutting width of 16 inches and 5 blade ball-bearing reel designed to perform very well. It has an adjustable blade height of 0.5-2.5 inches.

The heat-treated alloy steel blade allows you to retain the sharpness and create neat borders along with your lawn and the smooth, composite wheels are easy to maneuver across the yard. But the only disadvantage of this machine is that it is difficult to cut grass taller than 3-4 inches with it.

2. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Reel Lawnmower-

It is a manual reel mower with 20 inches cutting width. For the precision of trimming, the blade height adjustment is fixed at 1-3 inches. Also, the cushioned and ergonomic handle will give you the exact firm grip to handle the mower easily. You do not have to assemble any tools.

3. Fiskars Staysharp Max Reel Mowers

The stay sharp system of the blades helps it to last long, even if you don’t use it gently. But the best surprise it carries for the customers is that you will get a full-year warranty for this model. The cutting height is adjustable between 1-4 inches. This may be the most commonly used of all the mowers on this list.

4. American Lawnmower Co. Push Reel Lawnmower-

Among the advantages of this machine, its efficient scissor-like grass cutting action is one of the best because it allows for perfect trimming without damaging the grass.

Moreover, for optimal grass cutting, you have the freedom to adjust the height between 0.5-1.75 inches. And last but not least, it is very easy to direct the wheels in whichever position you wish.

5. Greenworks Reel Lawnmower-

The main reason why you should consider this as one of the top-notch models for your choice is its fantastic ability to perform scissor-cutting action with its 18 inches cutting path.

Additionally, it has a rear bag and mulching features to fertilize your lawn even while clipping. It comes with 10 inches dynamic wheels and 4 inches rear wheels.


There are several facilities that a push reel mower provides, and you should consider the multiple advantages of using it. Matthew Davies Stockton suggests you understand that a push reel mower is better for your grass’ health due to its classy cutting style. They are quiet and do not emit pollution and at the same time, they are hassle-free. Also, using them would give you good exercise for your body as they work manually and save electricity consumption.


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