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A Stylish Starter Guide to Interior Design History

Are you a budding decorator who wants to know the hows and whys of interior design history?

If so, then you need to know the basics. Even the most innovative designers start by learning how the basics come together.

To design with the classics in mind, you need to know how they turned into today’s trends. The more you know, your designs will speak to you and your target demographic.

Knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. Here’s a guide to help you get started on your journey of design discovery.

Ancient Origins

Interior design began its roots in the ancient origins of decor history. It starts with the grandeur and intricate detail of ancient Greek and Roman interiors.

These ancient civilizations placed a heavy emphasis on the aesthetic of living space. As well as would spend thousands of pieces on craftsmanship.

Today, designers take many cues from these ancient civilizations. As well as use magnificent sculptures and detailed murals.

Medieval Revival (Interior Design History)

The Medieval Revival Gothic style developed during the Victorian Era. With a focus on recreating the style of medieval architecture and design. This style used elements from the Gothic Revival architecture found in Europe to create a unique style.

This style was often used for churches and palaces. But it made its way into households, providing people with a taste of history and luxury. Today, many reinterpretations of this style can be seen throughout modern homes and businesses.

Renaissance Reawakening

The Italian and French Renaissance styles were influential and loved by those who could afford them. These styles were characterized by carved furniture and accessories. Ornate ceilings, columned archways, wooden and stone floors, plush fabrics, and grand frescoes all offered a distinct level of luxurious sophistication.

The Italian interior design introduced terracotta and majolica tiles, marble floors, and gilded aggrandizement. While the French interior design highlighted the use of small, intimate spaces and rustic adornments.

Baroque Brilliance

The Baroque era created a new style of interior home design characterized by creative flair and ornate decoration that would forever shape the home’s landscape. In its dark and majestic interiors, the new style proposed a bold embrace of the sublime that evoked awe and emotional response.

As time passed, the style grew into the more muted and luxurious Rococo period. Displaying delicate elegance and intricate details that ranged from art to furniture.

Going Global

The influence of going global colonialism on architectural history has been profound. It has been a significant factor in how interior design has grown during different eras.

During the Industrial Revolution, many products used for interior design were imported from other countries. Such as wallpaper from France and carpets from England.

In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, globalization brought to our doorstep a wealth of cultures from around the world that can be seen in materials, patterns, and color palettes used in interior design.

Explore These Interior Design History

In conclusion, interior design has become an essential part of the modern world. Creating a stylish design is an art that takes knowledge and an understanding of interior design history.

Grab these interior design ideas and start creating a space that feels right and looks fashionable. Start exploring the world of interior design!

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