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Uninterruptible Power Supply is a Basic Need of Every Business

Uninterruptible Power Supply: When the power to your office goes out while you’re working at your computer, several things can go wrong. For one thing, you can lose crucial data. If your system fails while writing data to disc, the disk’s logical structure could be severely damaged, and some files could be lost.

Even a short power outage can be problematic. The more interruptions you have, the more problems you’ll have. If your servers are compromised, you risk losing both customer business and employee productivity.

The UPS was invented at a time when electronics were sensitive and hard drives were readily thrown out of alignment. They were created to supply continuous (or “uninterruptible”) electricity to avoid a variety of issues. Therefore, it is important to never compromise on quality and always invest your hard-earned money in a high-quality, reliable backup such as the UPS power system at Eaton.

A good uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with an adequate voltage for your computer and network devices can avert these situations. By adjusting for sags or brownouts, spikes, surges, and electrical noise can provide clean power.

Purpose of Using a UPS

A UPS mainly serves two purposes:

  • It’s an emergency power system that acts as a backup source of energy in the event of a utility power outage. Depending on the length of the outage, a UPS can keep a system operating until utilities or generators are restored. Or it can give enough time to properly shut down the system and avoid data loss.
  • It guards against power spikes and sags that might harm sensitive electronic equipment.

Types of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

There are three types of UPS devices; selecting the proper one can offer clean power to workstations and data centers while also supporting the load during outages.

  • Standby power supply
  • Line interactive UPS
  • Double conversion online UPS

Standby Power Supply

The standby power supply, also known as an off-line UPS, is ideally suited for a single workstation. It accepts power directly from the wall outlet and transmits it through. This setup is referred to as a single conversion since it converts power from AC to DC while charging the battery. When the main power goes out, a standby inverter transforms the DC power from the battery to AC to support the load for a limited time.

Line-interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply

This type of UPS is designed for significant hardware. This inline inductor enables the UPS’s inverter to absorb incoming power and offer power conditioning (high and low voltage regulation) to the load.

The line-interactive UPS, like the standby power supply, can be economical and efficient because it only covers the complete critical load during power outages. Only when it’s running on battery power can it isolate the crucial load from the input.

Double Conversion Online UPS

This design features a double power conditioning system. Rectifiers convert incoming AC power to DC power, which is then used to power the UPS’s DC bus. Similarly, the output inverter converts DC power into regulated AC to supply the important load. The batteries on the DC bus are charged during regular operation. When the input power isn’t up to par, the inverter and load are supported by the batteries. The finest protection for servers, networking equipment, and data centers is provided by this design.


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