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Top Reasons for Looking Up Your Vehicle ID Number

VIN Number

Your vehicle identification number (VIN) is used to identify your specific vehicle. Every code is unique. You can find your VIN in the door jam of the driver’s seat and on the dashboard on the driver’s side of the car. You can then conduct a VIN number lookup for information about your car.

Replacement Battery Sizes Do Matter

Your VIN number is used to determine what size and type of battery your vehicle uses. For example, the battery for Nissan Sentra is different from that of a Toyota Tundra. First, battery size matters. If you choose a battery that is too small, it won’t have the energy required to start your vehicle in the winter. Your battery life may also be abbreviated if it is an incorrect size.

Your vehicle has a specific battery terminal design, and different sizes may not fit properly into your vehicle. In fact, your cables may not reach the terminals. An incorrect battery, especially one that is hooked up wrong, can result in damage to your vehicle’s computer and wiring.

You can use your VIN number to look up the right battery for your specific vehicle.

Wiper Blade Choices

Your windshield wiper blades clear rain, sleet, and snow from your windshield. They also keep it clean. However, damaged wipers leave streaks that can impede your vision. If you need to replace your blades, you cannot just choose the first or the least expensive, option you see.

Wiper blades are specific to your vehicle type. Therefore, a Toyota Chr wiper blade size is different from a Mazda CX50. Your VIN number is the easiest way to find the right blades for your vehicle. Proper wipers sit snugly against your windshield and cover the area you need to see.


Did you know that your filters are also specific to your vehicle? Not every air, fuel, internal, or oil filter will fit your vehicle. The right options protect your engine from dirt, debris, and other materials that may otherwise slip into and damage your engine. The filter that guards your internal airflow protects you from dirt, pollen, and pollution, so an improper fit can leave you exposed.

As you can guess, your VIN number can be used to determine what size and type of filters you need. You can also use it to choose your oil type when you change your oil and its filter.

Vehicle Identification (VIN Number)

When you get an insurance quote, your agent typically asks for and verifies your VIN number. These individuals check your VIN to ensure your vehicle’s ownership, registration, and accident history.

The police can use your VIN number to learn about any crimes your car was a part of, and if your car was stolen, the police will use the VIN to verify it if it is found.

Safety Recalls

Over time, your vehicle may have some parts recalled for safety reasons. In these cases, they look up the VIN numbers of all the vehicles with the recalled part. You may be notified via email, phone, or mail of any safety recalls that apply to your vehicle.

Did you know that you cannot register or insure a vehicle without a VIN number? Consider a VIN check today.


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