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Tips to be Confident in your Body

Confident in your body: Your body is an amazing thing and you should be able to appreciate that. However, that is all too easy said than done. Why? Because in this day and age of advanced technology, the internet, and social media, we are bombarded with depictions of the ‘perfect body and how ‘normal’ bodies should look like. However, these representations of bodies online are often unrealistic and heavily edited- they are not what ‘real’ bodies look like.

Despite this, more and more people across the world are tricked into believing that those images are what they should and aspire to look like. That they must have a slim waist, wide hips, long legs, perfect hair…the list goes on.

As a result, many people have developed self-esteem and self-confidence issues as more often than not, their bodies do not match this unrealistic standard of beauty.

This article aims to tackle and combat these issues by giving you some helpful, handy, and practical tips on how to be confident in your own body.

Do not Compare Yourself to Other Bodies

One of the first things that you can do to be confident in your own body is to avoid comparison. Looking at pictures, videos, and pictures of other bodies, especially ones that depict the ‘perfect’ body all day long, will do nothing but harm your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Comparison is the killer of joy, so do not compare yourself to others. Everybody was built differently, which is why everybody is unique- some people have curly hair, whereas others have straight. Some people have dark skin and others have pale skin.

Some people have freckles and others do not. To list all the ways in which people are different would take a lifetime because there are just so many differences between us all as humans.

So, do not worry if a person possesses a trait that you deem to be desirable and that you do not possess. Of course, it is important to acknowledge that avoiding comparison is often easier said than done. So, check out these tips to avoid the comparison trap.

Dress well and Confident in your body

Another way in which you can feel more confident in your body is by dressing well. In a way that you find comfortable. It is very unlikely. That you will feel comfortable in your body if you are wearing clothes that do not complement it.

So, you should endeavor to find clothes that fit and enhance the features of your body (i.e., dress for your body type). To do this, you must first find out what your body type is, and they cater to that. You can also dress in clothes that you are comfortable in. For instance, if vintage is your style, then you can wear some vintage graphic tees.

What is important here is that you are wearing clothes that you are not only comfortable in. But ones that empower you, too. Your body is beautiful and never forget that.


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