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The Best iPhone Games Offline

Playing games online or offline on your iPhone is very interesting. Playing online games is great because you can play live with other players from all over the world. But you must have access to active internet. Sometimes you don’t have the facility of wifi and don’t want to use your mobile data. Perhaps you’re traveling on a plane or in a waiting room at the station or doctor’s clinic, and you may need an activity to fill this gap. Whatever the situation, the best iPhone games are the best activity to kill your free time.

Unfortunately, the App Store does guide you mainly on which game can be played offline. That’s why we are here to describe to you the best iPhone games which you can play offline.

Best iPhone Games


Solitaire is a game that can never get old. This is a strategic game and playing since the era of personal computers. If you’ve ever enjoyed the solitaire on a Windows computer, then you’ll get inspired by the iOS version.

Developers have redesigned this classic game and added some latest features to make the game more exciting and unusual for users. 

The objective of this game is to win the challenge by moving the cards on your mobile screen. You can get crowns and trophies as a reward if you win the challenge.

You can play as a single-player or multiple players and can change the themes according to your choices, such as rainy day, autumn, spring, Christmas, and many more.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

There are many car racing games that you can only play online. On the other hand, Asphalt 8: Airborne gives the chance to play offline car racing adventures on your iPhone. The feature of interactive graphics with truckload will entertain you in many aspects.

Furthermore, there is a wide range of ultra-fast cars, and 40 race tracks can make your race more adventurous. With the help of Arcade mode, you can unlock the different routes.

As well, the multiplayer feature allows you to play with more than ten players, and you can upgrade the cars by unlocking your new locations. The best thing is that you don’t need the internet while playing this game.

Temple Run 2 Best iPhone Games

Temple Run is an endless running game and is very famous among people. Running on ancient land with exhilarating jumping, turning, and sliding can make this game more interesting.

This is one of the best offline favorite games for users. Temple run two comes with upgraded runways, more hurdles, significant sound effects, and graphics. Once you begin your adventure, you wouldn’t want to stop your journey.

Smurf’s Village (Best iPhone Games)

Smurf’s Village is a fantastic offline game that can be easily played on the iPhone. In this game, a player has to build a town. The character Smurf looks like a small blue human taken from a comic story that lives in a mushroom-shaped house.

In the game, you become the Smurf and construct your bakery, homes, bridges, and farmlands. On the farms, you have to plant the smurf berries and other crops. As well as, you can decorate them with flowers, and manage some festivals like Christmas.

Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

Six-Guns: Gang Showdown is a fantastic action-adventure game that can be played without the Internet. In this game, you play as a cowboy and go on a mission to fight the supernatural in Wildland. You have to fight against enemies:

Such as vampires, thieves, and crazy magical creatures. This game has 40 missions, and every purpose has a unique task that you have to accomplish.

As well as. A wide range of weapons, eight different horses, clothes, and other useful items are also available that help you to win the challenge (best iPhone games).

Minion Rush: Despicable Me

This game and its characters are inspired by the movie Despicable. This is a free offline iOs game that you can play without having the internet.

While playing this game, you become a minion and race your way through many amazing stages, dodging obstacles, and you can unlock the costumes by grabbing the collectibles.

As well, many different minion characters are also available in these best iPhone games. Thanks for reading complete this article and your time, please click this link, and the best offline iPhone games are free.


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