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Take your Gym from Drab to Fab

Hot girl summer is here – seriously, it’s so hot outside – and that means crowds are flocking to gyms and fitness centers alike, trying to get in shape for the best post-COVID summer of their lives. Great for you, right? You’re going to experience big business at your fitness center.

And while that’s true for sure, it’s going to take a little bit more than some cool workout classes and fancy interiors to take your fitness center to the top – you’re going to need some marketing!

Not a marketer? No worries, you don’t need to kill the fitness enthusiast in you to market your gym effectively. You can do that all while rocking some killer workouts! And I’ve got all the tips for you!

Here are my top tips for promoting your fitness center in your locale:

  1. Be an Instagram Queen – or King!

Instagram is all over the place, from multinationals to local restaurants to online businesses, any brands are making use of the platform to market themselves to the top. And as a fitness center, you shouldn’t leave yourself behind.

There’s massive competition in the fitness industry, and people often go for what looks best. Use Instagram to put your best face forward, and leverage the app’s visual-first model to show off your versatile workouts, and clean and welcoming interior, and to allow your customers to get to know their trainers, building a sense of community across the web.

Make complete use of the platform’s features – posts, stories, live sessions – and complement them with SEO-optimized captions and trending hashtags to boost your profile to the top. And of course, you can always look into Instagram collaborations with fitness influencers and trainers to expand your fitness center in front of a new segment. Instagram is marketing magic.

  1. Poster It Up! (Fitness Center)

Posters are a great tool if you’re looking to promote your business, and they’re especially useful for fitness center marketing. They become even more effective when made with tools such as PosterMyWall’s poster maker, a free tool with endless resources to customize posters to your heart’s content. Just head onto the site and use their tools to create poster after poster, either printing them out or saving their digital versions to publish online. Believe me, it’s super simple to use!

PosterMyWall also has a wide range of gym posters that you can choose from, customizing them to fit your gym’s branding. Once you’re done with the designs, put them up around your gym and also at places where potential clients can see them. Think community centers, colleges, and local cafes.

Soon, you’ll see your fitness center filling up with customers!

  1. Splurge on the Freebies!

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Seriously though, have you ever passed up on a free sample at the superstore? Or decline a freebie given with your online purchase? You can bet the same will happen with your gym clients!

Offer a free trial class and free workout gear for individuals who sign up for a certain number of classes. Or maybe a discount if two or more people sign up together. People love discounts and free products, and your offerings will only attract them to your fitness center.

Once you’ve developed a marketing strategy and thought about what special offers you’re going to launch to promote your gym. You should start thinking about how you’re going to get the word out.
Think social media – load up with visuals on your Instagram and Facebook pages. Put up posters around town, and use word of mouth to clients who enquire about your services.

  1. Get on the Radio About Fitness Center

With traffic density increasing and travel routes lengthening, people are spending an increasing amount of time in their cars, either commuting to work, college, or for errands and leisure activities. And what’s your favorite car activity? Listening to the radio, of course!

Get in touch with your local radio station and get your fitness center’s content featured during rush hours. Either play a small advert giving information about your gym or attend a talk show with the host. Or even create a jingle that sticks in listeners’ minds!

So, if you’ve got a fitness center to run and need some marketing tips then this is your foolproof plan. Your doors will soon be flooded!


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