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10 Tips to Keep Summer Safety for Kids

Did you know that 93 million Americans will travel once this summer? Summertime is full of excitement and newness, with things to do constantly coming up. Thinking about summer safety for kids can be overwhelming. You want them to stay safe, but you also want to ensure they are kids.

Keeping your kids safe does not mean full-on helicopter parenting! Here are our favorite tips for summer safety for kids that will keep them having fun without turning it into a project.

  1. Learn CPR

Kids can start by watching a video with their parents to understand the basics of CPR. They can then practice on a dummy and repeat the steps until the procedure is committed to memory.

  1. Wear Life Jackets

Inflatable or foam life jackets are available in many bright colors and can be easily worn while kids are having fun playing in lakes, rivers, and pools. When selecting a life jacket, ensure it fits properly and complies with U.S. Coast Guard regulations.

If you are worried about your child’s safety, you may consider swimming lessons at home.

  1. Drinking Water During Sports

Keeping a cool water bottle with kids when they’ve been outdoors can help keep them hydrated and will help them stay active and have fun. Providing kids with frequent water breaks throughout their sports events is also essential to prevent dehydration and support safe playing conditions.

  1. Give Kids Your Undivided Attention

Giving kids your undivided attention is one of the main ways to ensure they stay safe during summer. Kids need to know that you are available to help and that you are there to keep them safe.

  1. Protect Skin (Summer Safety for Kids)

Wearing hats, long-sleeved shirts and pants, and sunglasses can also help protect from sunburn. Parents should apply broad-spectrum sunscreen to commonly exposed areas like the nose, ears, and face, even on cloudy days and when around water.

  1. Stay Bite-Free

Remind kids to always use proper insect repellent outside, especially in areas with known bug infestations. Also, check for signs of bug bites before and after any outdoor activity, and provide first aid if needed.

  1. Wear Your Helmet

Adequately fitting helmets should cover the forehead, fit securely, and be fastened with a chin strap. The helmet must meet current safety standards and be replaced after any crash or if it is five years old or older.

  1. Drive Safely (Summer Safety for Kids)

For child safety, utilize car and booster seats for young passengers, and wear seat belts. Put down phones and appoint an attentive driver. Check weather forecasts before trips and expect potential delays.

  1. Sleep Tight

During the summer, kids may stay up later because of longer daylight hours or increased excitement from activities. It’s important to remember that sticking to healthy sleep habits is an essential part of summer safety.

  1. Keep Tabs on Food Allergies

Ensure your child always knows their food allergies and how to respond if a reaction occurs. To prevent allergic reactions, teach your child how to read labels on food containers. Discuss cross-contamination and the importance of cleaning hands and surfaces when eating.

Summer Safety for Kids Must Be a Top Priority

Summer is the perfect time for kids to explore and make memories. With careful planning and awareness, summer can be stress-free and enjoyable! By following these tips for summer safety for kids, parents can ensure their kids have lots of fun and adventures but stay safe at the same time.

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