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Six Best Christmas Horror Movies To Watch This Holiday Season

Christmas Horror Movies: Christmas is just a few weeks away, and many of you might plan to keep yourself entertained with a movie marathon. Since there is no shortage of classic Christmas movies to capture the joy of the holidays or animated ones for children.

If you are someone who thinks that the Christmas holidays are spooky? Since everything is closed and even the air outside sounds horrific. This setting is perfect for the ones who enjoy watching horror movies. Of course, there are different genres of Christmas movies, but for the ones who love horror movies, there is a good list too.

So, if you are in the mood to binge-watch some spooky Christmas movies, then you are at the right place. We have compiled a list of the best Christmas horror movies to help you enjoy your holidays.

The Night Before Christmas (Christmas Horror Movies)

It is the perfect horror movie as it combines the elements of Halloween and Christmas. Well, there is no blood or vampires in it but still scary enough to give freak people. The film follows the adventure of Jack Skellington, who is tired of scaring people in the real world.

One day he accidentally visits Christmastown and sees all the colors and decorations, and decides to kidnap Santa. If you find this plot captivating, then do add this one to your list.

Silent Night

It is an interesting movie that gives the message of climate change disaster. It is a dark comedy, which stars the audience’s favorite, Keira Knightley. The protagonist, along with her husband, hosts a Christmas Eve party for friends, and they all enjoy it until the scene shifts, and it becomes clear that the world is about to end.

It gives the message of the environmental apocalypse, which will wipe out the entire humanity. If you are looking for horror movies that leave a lasting impression on your mind, then you can subscribe to the DISH channel guide. It is a satellite internet provider that lets the audience access a plethora of live and on-demand movies and shows.

Moreover, during special holidays such as Christmas, audiences can watch movie marathons and experience the adrenaline rush. If you are interested in availing of its services before the holidays begin, visit the website.

Black Christmas

This is another scary movie you can binge-watch, but it involves a lot of bloodshed and killing. The movie doesn’t revolve around the Christmas tree or Santa but it is a story of a girl’s group who is heading back home for the holidays.

However, their holiday is interrupted because of a phone call, and the girls go missing one by one. The movie starts to involve a lot of killing, blood, knives, and mystery.

Edward Scissorhands (Christmas Horror Movies)

If you love gothic, then this is the movie you should watch this holiday season. It features a man with scissors instead of hands but has a lot of messages that only gothic fans would understand. The story begins with a scientist on a mission to build an artificial human being, but his experiment remains incomplete as he dies.

But Edward, despite his violent appearance, has a heart of gold. Instead, the real monsters are the ones who are completely human.


Gremlin is an old movie, but you can still add it to your list as it is not only horrific but mysterious as well. It features an unusual but precious species gifted to one of the movie’s main characters.

The species known as “mogwai” by the end of the movie carries a holiday rampage as they increase in number. They destroy the town on Christmas Eve, which is no less than a nightmare. This movie gives the message of always checking the present or reading the manual before using them.

The Lodge

This is a psychological horror thriller film, which can give you chills on Christmas Eve. The story gets interesting when the father leaves his kids with their stepmother and goes to work. But, Grace’s past haunts her as she is the sole survivor of the mass suicide that her father planned.

But, soon, the children learn about her past and refuse to establish a bond with her. Many events go wrong, and she starts to experience supernatural events connected to her past. This film can give you chills because it gives the message that stepmother is not always wrong and that people can gaslight others.

In Brief (Christmas Horror Movies)

Christmas holidays are the perfect time to binge-watch horror movies! The darkness of Christmas Eve and the wheezing sound of the air makes it a perfect time to watch horror flicks. If you cannot get enough horror movies, then do binge-watch horror movies. We have created a list of the best movies horror movies that you can watch and keep yourself entertained.


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