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Screen Recorder for Zoom [Record Without Permission]

With over 300 million daily users, zoom prides itself as the most popular video conferencing platform. Irrespective of where you are in the world, it’s easy to connect and share information with others. But what if you want to turn your meetings into ageless tools for decision-making and tracking progress? It’s quite simple. Record your meetings using a screen recorder and save them on your device to revisit them anytime. However, the challenge here is knowing which screen recorder will do a great job. Discover eight screen recorders to record a Zoom meeting. This article also provides step-by-step instructions on how to record Zoom meeting on PCs and mobile devices. Screen Recorder for Zoom for PC Users


#1. Xbox Game Bar

Xbox Game Bar is a native screen recording program for Windows 10 and 11 PC designed for capturing gameplay. The built-in feature on a computer is also a simple solution for recording Zoom meetings. You wouldn’t have to go through the rigors of downloading an external program. With Game Bar, Windows 10 users can choose up to 60 frames per minute and control the audio bit rate and video quality.

Also, the recorded video is automatically saved either on your PC or in the Zoom cloud once you’re done recording. Game Bar has a few shortcomings. It is only available on Windows 10 and 11 PCs and only works with one app at a time. The latter means that it will not record the entire screen if more than one window is visible.

Also, Game Bar only produces MP4 format recordings. For those reasons, third-party screen recording software could be a better choice.

#2. OBS

OBS is one versatile screen recording solution. Whether you’re using Windows, macOS, or Linux, OBS is suitable as it has a wide array of features. It works with HD technology and records without a time limit. With its customizable setting, you can set video and audio quality preferences for each video you want to capture.

OBS also offers hotkeys with which you can easily navigate many functions on your PC. OBS is not compatible with Windows XP. Its audio files cannot be linked as sources, and it cannot network across multiple devices.

#3. Loom

Loom is another screen recorder for recording Zoom meetings. It allows users to choose which part of the screen they want to record and supports multiple formats, including MP4, AVI, and MOV, and customize their videos.

EaseUS RecExperts has editing capabilities including removing background noise, adjusting audio, and compressing footage. Loom exports to multiple video and cloud services, including Google Drive, Vimeo, and YouTube. While this is a commendable screen recorder, it is less user-friendly than some of its counterparts.

#4. iTop Screen Recorder for Zoom

iTop Screen Recorder is a remarkable screen recorder for Windows 10. One of the many outstanding features of iTop Screen Recorder over other screen recorders is that it doesn’t have a record time limit. This means you can record videos as long as you like. With the HD video feature, you can record videos without experiencing lags. iTop Screen Recorder also has a basic editing tool that allows you to trim your video and add certain features. Amazingly, this professional screen recorder with no watermark comes at no cost.

#5. QuickTime

It’s not out of place to say that QuickTime is Mac’s Game Bar. QuickTime is a native recording feature for Mac OS PCs that lets Apple users record and edit videos. QuickTime is a screen recorder with no recording time limit, meaning that you can clip as long as you want. However, QuickTime can only be used on Mac products and only supports MOV file format for its recordings. It also offers no system audio recording.


Recording Zoom Meetings With Built-in Features on Android and iOS Devices


Recording a Zoom meeting on mobile devices with Zoom’s built-in features is a simple task. The major drawbacks are:

  • You need the host’s permission to record if you’re a participant. ● The recorded file is saved in the cloud rather than in a folder. To record a Zoom meeting on your Android device:
  • Open the Zoom app and choose to Join a Meeting.
  • Press the More option, then choose Record to start recording the Zoom call.
  • End the call when the meeting is over. Now, you can share and download the recording from the Zoom cloud. Recording Zoom meetings on iPad As with other Android, iPad has built-in features for recording a Zoom meeting. Follow this guide to record Zoom meetings on your iOS mobile device:
  • Open the Zoom app and click Join a Meeting.
  • Tap the More icon at the far right of the meeting toolbar.
  • Choose Record to the Cloud to begin the recording.
  • Stop the recording when you are finished. Your video will be automatically uploaded to the Zoom cloud service.

Summary Screen Recorder for Zoom

As you have seen, there are a host of options when it comes to recording Zoom meetings. Each screen recorder also has something to offer. However, the iTop screen recorder makes recording Zoom meetings simple at no cost to you. In addition to an impressive array of features, this software is free and user-friendly. Download the iTop screen recorder for quality video footage.


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