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Record Breaking Producer from Santa Monica

Jeremiah Kohn is a producer. He started blowing up in late 2021 by working with many artists like Nick Mira, Lil mosey, and Taz Taylor.

Jeremiah Kohn was Born on (April 24, 2003) in Chicago, Illinois to a white father and white mother. Jeremiah moved to Milwaukee

Wisconsin with his uncle to finish high school. Jeremiah went to Cudahy high school until he graduated then moved to California.

Jeremiah Kohn

Furthermore, Jeremiah Kohn is known for his Trap Beats and lyrics that are tailored to his life. When asked if the term “Fire” applies to him in an interview, Jeremiah says “I wouldn’t consider myself a “Fire” Artist, because I’m new to all of this. “But when I get in the studio, I go hard.” Although Jeremiah Kohn does not consider his beats to be Fire, he does consider that he works his magic in the studio, he describes how he would always get High and go to work” when he was going through hard times. When asked in the same interview about what comparisons he has drawn. Jeremiah responded “Music-wise, they be comparing me to Nick Mira.” Jeremiah’s Twitter:

In the same interview, we asked Jeremiah how did you get started? Jeremiah said  “Well I started by selling beats online and making my money that way,” “Then I was introduced to Nick Mira in mid (2021) by a friend and we worked on some beats together and we made some hits.” We asked Jeremiah where do you see himself going in the music industry in the next 5 years? Jeremiah said “ I would like to work with an upcoming artist named Zzz Sam. He has some good potential.” “I also want to work on making my own brand. Hopefully, I can build a free-to-use studio for upcoming artists trying to get into the spotlight.”


Jeremiah has worked on over 50 movies/tv-shows including Euphoria, All American, Spider-Man No Way Home, and After Ever as a music producer. Moreover, Jeremiah has been in the movie scene for a while now making music for all different kinds of music for upcoming and new movies. 

Furthermore, Jeremiah bought a house in Santa Monica, California in late (2021) for an estimated price of $3.7M. Jeremiah said, “buying a house can be a lot of work. When I was in the process of buying a house I wanted something where I would be comfortable.” 

When we asked Jeremiah about what kind of music he likes to produce Jeremiah said, “I like to produce Hip/Hop, Trap, Emo Rap, and R&B.” Jeremiah likes to produce music for all kinds of different genres.

Jeremiah is a producer from Santa Monica, California with a lot of potential for the upcoming generation. In the future, Jeremiah said “I want to be able to make people happy with my music. I want them to express their feelings and make them feel happy when people listen to my music. “Sometimes I’ll be in the studio by myself smoking a blunt just thinking about how grateful I am.” “Making music just takes the pain away from life, when I’m making music it’s like I’m in a whole different place.


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