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How to Get the Best Deal on Lab Grown Diamonds Wholesale

If you want a high-grade diamond without spending much then go for wholesale lab-grown diamonds. They are as beautiful and durable as natural diamonds but way cheaper. Lab-grown diamonds wholesale can still satisfy the demands of people in getting a high-grade diamond at an affordable price and enjoying the beauty of their diamond jewelry.

How are lab-grown diamonds made?

The only difference between natural and lab grown diamonds is the way they are created. Natural diamonds are naturally formed under the earth’s crust while lab grown diamonds are made in the laboratory by imitating the manner in which natural diamonds are made. Lab grown diamonds are made by subjecting a carbon seed to an extreme temperature at about 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit and a pressure of 727,000 pounds per square inch until the carbon sticks to the diamond seed and eventually turns into a diamond.

How are lab-grown diamonds different from natural diamonds?

The differences between lab-grown diamonds are hard to tell certain tests and tools have to be used to determine which is natural and which is lab-grown.

Differences between Lab-grown Diamond and Natural Diamond

The Appearance

Natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds look the same to the naked eye. However, they can be differentiated under magnification and using the right tool. Natural diamonds agave more inclusions due to the manner they are formed. As they are formed under the earth inclusions have become poart of their formation. While lab-grown diamonds have lesser inclusions when check under magnification.

The pricing

Lab-grown is cheaper by 40% to 60% compared with their natural counterparts. This means you can get a higher-grade diamond with a lower budget! The reason behind the affordable pricing of lab grown diamonds is that they haven’t established their value yet. And the fact that their period of creation is way shorter than that of natural diamonds.

The Sustainability

Mining affects the condition of the environment since it involves digging deep layers of the earth, compared with the manner in which lab-grown diamonds are made. When it comes to sustainability the lab-grown diamond can be produced continuously as the demand rises.

The Certification

Furthermore, Both natural and lab grown diamonds can be certified by the reliable diamond evaluator, the Gemological Institute of America. They are both certified using the 4cs grading of diamonds and are issued by certificate once the grading is done.

How are lab-grown diamonds graded?

Lab-grown diamonds are also graded according to the 4cs which are the carat, color, clarity, and cut. For the color, the more colorless the lab grown diamonds are the more expensive it is. For clarity, lesser inclusions can also add up to the pricing, since most lab-grown diamonds have lesser inclusions so they can get a high clarity grading. Moreover, the carat, they are measured according to its carat weight after getting polished and cut. For the cut, it is still best to have an excellent cut for your lab-grown diamonds to have good durability.

Tips for Choosing Lab-grown Diamond

  • Deal with the legit lab-grown diamond wholesale seller to get good quality diamonds. Plus buying from wholesale stores can save you money since you can get the same quality diamonds or even better compared to when buying from a retail store.
  • Be familiar with the 4dcs since this is the basis of how the lab grown diamonds are graded. It will come in handy in choosing the right diamond features for you. List down your choices so shopping can be easier for you rather than deciding on the spot with too many lab-grown diamond choices.
  • Always ask for a grading report since this is the main proof that you get the diamond you paid for.

Get the best deal on lab grown diamonds in Dallas today by applying all the tips and guides in choosing the right diamond and diamond seller. Deal with an honest diamond seller and you will be able to get what you want. Be a wise buyer and educate yourself about lab-grown diamonds before making the purchase. This can give you positive results in your purchase. So start getting educated about lab grown diamonds and find out more about the diamond seller that offers lab-grown diamonds in your area. So you can have time to compare and choose one that can meet your expectations about lab grown diamonds.


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