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Kuran Malhotra and his passions

Kuran Malhotra has a bilingual personality and is a graduate of Georgetown University McDonough School of Business. He graduated with a degree of BS in Business Administration, with a major in Finance and Operations and information management, with a minor in economics.

He focuses on his hobbies along with his interests. Which include photography, advising small businesses on their financial conditions, and fintech services in executing their operations and helping with business growth.

His Skills and Hobbies

Malhotra trained himself in coding and his skill set includes programming in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, C++, as well as financial underwriting and data analysis. He became interested in programming as well as website development which began at Montclair University.

He became interested in programming and website development due to his creating an online portfolio for his class final. After this, he continued with his journey of web creation and programming when he developed a website for a women’s high-end fashion business. Where he also portrayed his love for photography by taking part in shoots.

Kuran Malhotra Skills

Malhotra also leveraged his skills and then worked with small businesses. Where he used his financial and technological knowledge to guide them toward growth. Kuran retains the company along with the followers on his blog and makes sure everything is updated.

As an adventurer and a thought leader. He is willing to appreciate all of his experiences and familiarity. If someone wants to look for an opportunity or a creation for themselves, contacting Kuran is a good option.

Especially if an individual wants to expand the community business and increase the livelihood within the economic sector.

He learned Spanish and has a great passion for it. He learned that while attending college in Spain, and through the times running over the neighborhood farm and within his locality to help to complete the business management, due to which he became more bilingual.

As he got more fluent in his speeches. He started giving feedback to Spanish-speaking small business owners and started guiding them using his knowledge of finance and technology.

Small Businesses

They started their complexities with startup businesses as well as small businesses. Which were then assisted by Kuran. He then worked closely with the NJ Hispanic Company Association along with other similar associations.

Moreover, he has a passion for portraits as well. He enjoys expressing himself through images and his photographs, and the environment around him through them as well.

He spent years performing as well, as he possesses an ability for stunning graphics creation. Furthermore, he specialized in mono photography and light color photos, and they were compared to the cited museums along with the magazines nearby.

Kuran also discovered a love for shooting as a pastime and worked with lenses as well. He participated in a photo shoot while he developed a web for the women’s magazine. There are many professional and ambitious individuals like Kuran Malhotra. Who put effort to inform themselves about what they are passionate about and can pursue it further.


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