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Is Your Website Design Geared Towards a Great User Experience?

Dealing with digital marketing as a business owner looking to make their mark in the industry can often feel intimidating, especially when taking the first step as a new business. When there are many other companies out there looking to steal the limelight, understanding what separates the user’s company from the rest can sometimes be quite discouraging “User Experience”.

After all, most industries are quite competitive due to the saturation of businesses, with many more startups looking to elevate their companies to the next level. Amidst all of the chaos in the business landscape, it can be challenging to look inward to see what can be done to attract online users. The only advantage that seems to be a constant in 2021 is the fact that many more people are looking online for products and services. It means that even a startup has a fair shot at attracting a high number of online users.

That said, looking into the success of competitors will only detract a company owner from doing their best. The ideal thing to do would be to look inward and figure out how best to make a difference. A good example would be web design. Is the company making the most out of web design opportunities through experts like Charlotte web design companies? More importantly, is the user even aware of the various opportunities that web design can provide?

A Simple Example That Could Potentially Change the World of Online Marketing

One of the easiest examples to provide when it comes to the benefits of proper web design comes from an upcoming update to the Google search algorithm. It does not have to be said how crucial the search algorithm is, as it is at the core of just about every digital marketing strategy. Especially those focused on search engine optimization (SEO). Also known as the Page Update Experience, Google intends to update the algorithm in such a way that it factors in the user experience (UX) when ranking websites on the search engine results page (SERP).

The reason why many SEO companies are anticipating big changes is that the slightest change to the algorithm could already send ripples into the world of digital marketing. The Page Experience Update looks to turn things around. This means most businesses have to get ready for the coming change.

Why it is an Advantage for Startups

While it might seem like startups are in for more of a challenge moving forward, it is a blessing in disguise. In a lot of ways, businesses are starting from the ground up to change the way their website is designed. A startup does not yet have a system in place that is difficult to change. It means that a new company could effectively do things right the first time and future-proof its processes not just in 2021 but in the years beyond. 

Any change to the Google algorithm is always met with great interest, and it is obvious why. Startups are especially vulnerable in this period, but they also have the most to gain from the new changes. Instead of having to make changes to a reinforced system. They can get started with best-practice methods in mind to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

What Exactly are These Best-Practice Methods?

Put simply, the best-practice methods can be easiest to determine when putting one’s self into the shoes of an online shopper. After all, even business owners are still online shoppers when they look online for products and services they might need. What are the things that tend to annoy an online shopper the most when it comes to web design? It can be a lot easier to answer than some might realize. Here is just a simple list of best-practice methods:

User Experience: No Walls of Text on the Homepage.

As an online user, it can be quite annoying to want a particular type of product only to be met with a wall of text explaining the goals of the company in detail. The only thing most people want to know is whether or not the company sells the product they want. The best thing to do would be to streamline the homepage message to be as short and to the point as possible.

A focus on ease of use. When a company website is difficult to navigate, the results are entirely obvious. The bounce rate will be unusually high, as most users are turned off by a difficult navigation system. A reputable Charlotte web design company can go for a simple design that gets the job done.

Simplicity in general. Keep things as simple as possible, and the results will follow. There is no need for any long-winded introduction. And there is no need for any general content that pushes past the thousand-word mark (unless it is a blog or article). Keeping things simple is one of the best ways to push for user-friendliness. And it can be quite easy to manage.

Looking into the load times. While keeping a simple website is all well and good. There are times when simplicity is not enough to lessen load times. Any kind of widget with no clear function should be removed, and all images should be of a specific resolution. High-quality images are great, but not at the expense of load times.

A Year Geared Toward User-Friendliness

Considering the Google Page Experience Update. It is clear that the direction most companies are going in 2021 involves plenty of changes to the user experience. While it does not necessarily mean that the update will make sweeping changes. It would be wise to act on the assumption that it likely will cause a big enough chance. For startups, the goal is simple.

Maintain a well-optimized website by making use of professionals like those from Charlotte web design agencies and ensuring that simplicity is enforced. While inspiration can be fantastic. It does not help companies sell products when it comes to web design. Inspiration is best left to social marketing and digital marketing campaigns. For web design, simplicity is the name of the game!


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