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Is HONOR MagicBook 14 Worth Buying

Today, the Internet has changed our life greatly. The Book Era changed into the Electronic Information Era. Most people’s work gradually deviates from the traditional way. Computers and phones are highly praised by the public. There are many kinds of computers on the market in the UK. Therefore, buying PC computers in the UK requires people to make careful choices and find suitable computers. Thus, to make their lives more convenient and fast. Recently, an HONOR MagicBook 14 came into public view. After the introduction, you will fondle it.

Price HONOR MagicBook 14:

The first thing we pay attention to is its price and explore its cost performance. Often products with high-cost performance can attract people’s attention the most. The official price of HONOR MagicBook 14 introduced this time is 66 pounds. This price is quite competitive in laptop computers of the same brand.


The new generation AMD Ryzen R5-4500U processor is adopted. The 8GB dual-channel memory + 512GB PCI-E SSD solid-state drive combination is available to meet daily needs. In terms of interface, it provides 1 Type-C interface, 2 USB3.0 interfaces, 1 HDMI interface, and an earphone hole. Support 65W fast charging, an endurance of about 10 hours. A full-size keyboard is adopted to support multi-screen collaboration.


HONOR MagicBook 14: Its screen uses a 14-inch full screen with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 and a display ratio of 16: 9. The design of a three-sided micro-frame is adopted. And the width of the frame is only 4.8 mm. This kind of screen design makes us look wider when using computers at ordinary times.

At the same time, we will experience the feeling of immersion. It has also passed Rhine Low Blue Light Certification. When we use computers, we can protect our eyes. The screen design is still good. Compared with the previous generation of products, the technology and appearance have improved a lot. 

Heat Dissipation:

It uses a single fan and a single heat pipe to dissipate heat. The interior has a high-density shark fin 2.0 S fan blade design. In terms of heat dissipation capacity, it is 38% higher than that of the previous generation. When running, the notebook computer is also quieter.

Endurance: (HONOR MagicBook 14)

Its endurance is still acceptable. Because it is equipped with a 56WH high-capacity battery. Through actual tests, the average office life is about 10 hours. It can basically meet our daily office needs.

Through the above configuration, screen, price, heat dissipation, endurance, etc., I believe everyone can know that this HONOR MagicBook14 is an ideal choice for working people. Among them, the most attractive thing for mobile office workers is their light and thin figure and high endurance.


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