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Getting the Best Staffing Agency in Seattle

Seattle is a city in the Pacific Northwest. It’s located on Puget Sound and surrounded by water. Seattle is a busy city. Many companies are located in that city. For a company, the presence of high-quality staff is essential. The company needs to fulfill all of the positions with professional staff. In this condition, the recruiting process is quite an important step. The company should be able to conduct the recruiting process with tight and strict rules so that the chosen candidates are the best ones. Well, to save time, energy, and cost, the company can use the service of the staffing agency.

Staffing Agency

In Seattle, there are many potential staffing agencies for recruiting staff. However, the company needs to select the best one to ensure the quality of the candidates. Scion Staffing Seattle is one of the best temp agency Seattle. This staffing agency provides some services for selecting many kinds of staff such as temporary staff, permanent staff, an executive for a commercial company, an executive for a nonprofit organization, and others.

Besides, Scion Staffing Seattle also has a long experience, more than 13 years, in dealing with all kinds of the selection process. This staffing agency is also considered as the Best Recruiting Firm in the Business Times and Forbes.

Scion Staffing Seattle

Scion Staffing Seattle provides some groups of staffing that are Staffing, Technical, Nonprofit, Executive, and Health. Each group has a specialization in recruiting staff. For example, the Staffing groups consist of some services such as Executive Search Services, Direct-Hire Staffing or Contingent Search, Temporary Staffing Services, Temp – to Hire Staffing, Interim Leadership Search, or Placement, National Employer of Record Service and Pay Rolling Services, Human Resource Consulting, and On-site Recruitment.

Meanwhile, the Technical groups have some specializations such as Contract Technology and IT Staffing. Scion Technical will provide staff that is experts in IT, technology, engineering, software, and leadership. Scion Technical also provides services to recruit staff for project work and permanent work.

Moreover, Scion Technical also offers some positions such as programming, architecture, engineering, network, security, web, and others.

The Scion Staffing for Executive Search also provides some positions. Just like the other companies, the Executive Search also needs some types of staff for permanent staff, temporary staff, executive, and staff based on agreements. The job position can be varied from admin, operations, finance, programming and IT, development, public relations, and others.

Scion Staffing for nonprofit organizations also has some different job positions. The CEO of the nonprofit organization should be able to define the vision of the organization. The executive director will help the CEO to run the nonprofit organizations.


Another job is CDO or Development which has work to get the fundraising for the nonprofit organization. The other available jobs are COO or Operations, Finance, and program leadership. Scion Staffing also provides staff in the medical health division. The staff will work for some institutions such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories, research institutions, medical groups, surgery centers, healthcare networks, nursing facilities, educational institutions, government, and medical or health corporations.


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