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Free Method to Recover Photos from Emptied Mac Trash


  • Have you emptied Mac trash?
  • Accidentally deleted data from Mac trash?
  • Want to recover those deleted files?

Worry not! Even after you have emptied the Mac trash, the data is still there somewhere in the system storage. Hence, there is a possibility of recovering them all. This article will talk about four different methods that will help you with data recovery.

Recover Data after Mac Trash Is Deleted

Mac users are familiar with the mac trash bin. It is a storage device that stores deleted data. It keeps all the deleted data for a limited period and allows the user to retrieve data in case he/she needs it after the deletion. Once the tenure is over, the data are deleted from the trash.

However, mistakes do happen and result in emptying the Mac trash bin. The only way you can recover data is by following methods.

Method 1: Data Recovery Software

iBoysoft Mac data recovery software acts as a savior in any data loss scenario. This software is powered by an advanced coding algorithm capable of finding even the oldest data in storage.

Once you have downloaded iBoysoft data recovery software, follow the steps.

Select: Select the drive you want to scan.

Scan: Initiate scanning and wait for the result to show up.

Recover: Preview the data, select the data you want to restore, and click Restore. it saves from click fraud and provides you to click the restore data.

Really quick and easy, right? This software guarantees a 100% secure and 99% data recovery rate and it’s worth trying with a 7-day trial provided.

Method 2: Using Mac Terminal

Mac terminal can be a great option to go with to recover an emptied trash bin. These methods use a command prompt to move all the files from the mac trash folder to the recovered folder.

Below are the steps.

  • Open launch pad.
  • Search Terminal app.
  • Type cd. Trash.
  • Click the return key (Using this command ensures that no matter whatever we command, we will use it for trash).
  • Now type mv coming-soon-feed.jpg ../.
  • Click the return key.
  • Now use the filename to recover. Ensure to use the right filename with an extension.

Method 3: Using Time Machine Backup

If you have deleted the photos from the trash folder but have a time machine in place, you can use the time machine backup to restore deleted photos. The time machine works on the principle of FIFO (first in, first out). It does not create a copy of files; instead, do a utility backup in different drives. And when the drive is full, it removes the oldest data.

  • Go to the menu bar.
  • Enter the time machine.
  • Search the deleted files.
  • Preview the file and select it.
  • Click restore.

Method 4: Using Mac User Interface

If you have deleted the photos from both the original location and the mac trash bin, you can use the mac trash receiver feature to retrieve all the deleted photos.

  • Go to the trash.
  • Right-click to open properties.
  • Navigate through “Put Back”.
  • Click “Put back”. Doping so you will be able to restore the deleted photos.

Note: This method can only be done one photo at a time. Going with multiple photos, you will not be able to see the “Put Back” option. This happens because the original location of two different files is different. However, if two photos belong to the same location, you can select those two and recover them simultaneously.


This article discussed the methods by which you can recover data from an emptied Mac trash bin. The methods we have talked about here are all free. So, you don’t have to worry about paying hundreds of dollars to recover an emptied Mac trash bin.

If you have Time Machine backup, you can recover your data with just a few clicks away. However, if you lack Time Machine backup, the only way to recover data is by using data recovery software such as iBoysoft data recovery software.


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