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Eyestrain Symptoms: Everything You Need to Know

Eyestrain Symptoms: Are you suffering from visual impairment?

While accidents and diseases are the most common causal factors to a loss of sight, age is the next most common cause. After all, everyone loses a little bit of their eyesight as they age. They don’t notice it happening until it’s too late.

There are ways to stay proactive when maintaining your eyesight throughout your lifetime. The most important one is to catch and treat any eye disease early.

If you’ve started developing visual problems or experienced a sudden onset of eyestrain symptoms, it never hurts to get examined. Keep reading to know about the possible reasons causing your eyes to be in pain and uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable Headaches with Eyestrain Symptoms

Headaches are the most common eyestrain symptom. Excessive use of digital devices, like smartphones, tablets, and computers, can result in eyestrain, which leads to headaches.

These headaches can range from minor discomfort to severe headaches that may last for hours. Common signs of eyestrain headaches are a dull ache or sharp pain around your eyes, forehead, or the back of your neck.

Drinking plenty of water and taking regular breaks while using digital devices. Then using the 20-20-20 rule can help to reduce the risk and intensity of eyestrain headaches.

Blurred Vision

Apparent blurring can occur when your eyes do not coordinate while focusing on an object. Or when the eyes are struggling to stay focused overall. It can result from fatigue, focusing on a thing for a prolonged time, Ring Light Associated eye strain, or using digital devices with low contrast and brightness.

To prevent blurred vision due to eyestrain, take frequent daily breaks to rest your eyes. Adjust the lighting in your home or office. So it is not too bright or dim.

Make sure you wear appropriate glasses or contact lenses for your vision. If you wear glasses or contacts, keep them clean and up to date. If the blurred vision persists, contact an eye doctor for an exam.

Double Vision (Eyestrain Symptoms)

It is characterized by seeing two or more images of the same object. Or it is an overlapping of things that should look distinct. In most cases, double vision is temporary and resolves with rest.

Some causes of double vision are overuse of the eyes from reading, a severe eye or head injury, or medical conditions such as an eye tumor.

Other causes of eyestrain-associated double vision can be uncorrected refractive errors, such as astigmatism or a problem in the cranial nerve, which controls the function of the eye muscles

Neck and Back Pain

Individuals may also experience neck and back pain as one of the symptoms of eyestrain. This is due to the strain on the neck and back muscles from looking at the computer or mobile device for extended periods or staring at bright lights.

Individuals should take regular breaks from any screen time to prevent this from happening. Then adjust the computer display settings for proper viewing angle and height, and adjust the font size if necessary.

Watch Out for These Eyestrain Symptoms

Certain minor eyestrain symptoms are typical for most people. However, larger, more about symptoms may need to be discussed with an eye doctor.

If you are experiencing severe eyestrain, make an appointment with an optician today. So you can manage your symptoms and ensure your eyes remain healthy.

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