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Everything you need to know about Mou Boots

Mou is actually a French word that means “cushy to the touch,” and it is a fitting brand name for these spongy soft shoes. Mou boots are specified to be your go-to ease shoes, with a bendable molded rubberized sole lidded by a graceful upper created of raw hides from antelope, fleece, goatskin, and calfskin. Patterns are beautified with faux fur, diamantes, and metal finishes for a far-out, playful posture.

What is the material utilized in mou boots?

They are created of rubberized stuff, which is waterproof in nature. It signifies that water cannot enter the mou boots while one is walking on water. Mou boots’ inner lining of mou boots is really fluent in raising the link between the shoe and the leg. To boot, the sole of the mou boots is flat.


What is the availability and types of mou boots?

They are really common in a lot of countries. This is as of the bang-up purpose they dish up, particularly during wintertime. Nowadays, one can get mou boots in states like England, the UK, the USA, and Brazil, among a lot of others.

In that respect, there are different styles of mou boots. Mou boots get in a lot of types and styles. This is because people have different tastes and preferences. The common types of mou boots include the following:

  • Ankle boots
  • Mid boots
  • Tall boots

Why are mou boots utilized?

They are utilized during wintertime seasons. This is because of their unusual feature of warming. Winter seasons are really cold, and in that respect, there is a need to hold this untoward cold. Mou boots are as well utilized in sports activities. The adventurous actions here include snow games. The snow at that place is a lot of colds; thus, mou boots are favorable. They are as well utilized in Sumner. In that respect, special mou boots are planned to ply for summer needs.

In which colors and designs are they available?

The pattern of mou boots gets in a lot of types. In that respect, some boots cover up foot and ankle joints. Others may still cover the foot the whole way up to the knee. As well, boots get in a lot of colors, specified as white, red, green, and black.

What are the benefits of mou boots?

They are long-lasting in nature. They are created of high-quality stuff, so it is durable and they are hot. This unusual boast of boots creates them favorable during wintertime.

Are mou boots waterproofed?

Mou Boots are not waterproof. A lot of models are created with fleece suede cloth, nubuck, or crochet material, all of which are more finespun and moisture-sensitive than different materials.

Are mou boots true to size?

Are mou boots true to size? Yeah, Mou fits out true to size simply because they only get in wide sizes. This provides a lot of roominess and a way for socks or leggings. These boots are planned so that you are able to insert your jeans or pants into them for entire coverage and heat retention, and so sizing had better all of the time be generous.


Bottom Line:

So if you are planning to have mou boots for your season, you should buy them instantly without delay. They are not just a fashion add-on but as well cover you from the harsh cold.


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