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Ecdysterone: 5 Benefits Backed by Science

Ecdysterone is becoming a trend-setting supplement for many in the fitness industry. This uber-popular supplement has shown effects on building lean muscle, helping many to quicken their muscle strength post vigorous training.

However, the lack of extensive medical journals regarding this new ingredient can make many skeptical.

How far is its contribution to the fitness industry, and what are the other benefits of Ecdysterone? In this excerpt below, we are answering some of the curiosity regarding Ecdysterone.

What Is Ecdysterone

It comes from the ecdysteroid, and it naturally grows. In fact, the reason why Ecdysterone is deemed safe is that it can be found in quinoa and spinach extracts. Therefore, it might be identified as a steroid, but there is a difference between Ecdysterone and other artificially processed anabolic steroids.

To begin with, it is free from any prohibited and harmful anabolic agents like methionine. This makes it a much safer option. Some of the common names which are used for Ecdysterone are:

– Alfa-ecdysone.

– Spinach extract.

– 20-hydroxy-ecdysterone.

It can be helpful for anyone having an exercise, but it is known for boosting athletic performance. Therefore, it is perfect for someone going through intense muscle training and building muscle mass.

Benefits Of Ecdysterone

Here are a few benefits of Ecdysterone, which can benefit someone under athletic training and expecting some speedy results.

1. Better Insulin Resistance

There is yet to be human research on this matter, but a study on rats has shown a considerable decrease in glucose tolerance and insulin level within the first few weeks. The experiment was done on rats under an excessive fat diet, but the use of Ecdysterone prevented any signs of borderline obesity.

2. Increased Muscle Recovery

With the increase in protein synthesis, muscle recovery post workout also enhances. It increases the binding of amino acids with skeletal muscle and increases recovery. Plus, ecdysterone can also help drain the body’s lactic acid buildup. This is what causes the soreness post-workout.

3. Enhanced Strength & Power

It was soon known that Russian athletes were using Ecdysterone to improve their performance. Since it is not an artificial anabolic steroid, and it does not have any prohibited anabolic agent, it created a loophole for athletes. Upon experiment, it was seen that individuals under the ecdysterone effect are able to finish their bench press quicker than the ones who are not. It allows athletes to play more without damaging their inner

4. Building Lean Muscles

Upon signaling the Akt pathway in our body, Ecdysterone is directly responsible for enhancing the protein synthesis of our body. Therefore, helping you build lean muscle through extensive lifting. It might not help you in fat loss, as no such claims have been made. However, because of its high anabolic ratio, it can help in:

  • Increase in red blood cell production.
  • Muscular cell formation, &
  • Better protein extraction from amino acids.

5. Better Conditioning Of Muscles

With the cell-forming nature of Aldosterone, one can condition their body to build more muscle mass than fat. Due to better protein synthesis from the regular ecdysterone cycle, the body takes up more protein and breaks them down to give energy rather than contributing to fat accumulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although claimed safe by many first-time users, Ecdysterone is a fairly new supplement. Therefore, many do not feel the need to know everything before consumption. Here are some of the frequently asked questions answered by experts.

1. Should I Take it Daily?

Ans. If this is your first time with the supplement, you should speak to a dietician beforehand. However, ideally one should take Beta-Ecdysterone 500mg once a day for 8-12 weeks continuously to see some desired results.

2. Will Ecdysterone Affect My Drug Test?

Ans. Although it is not a drug but rather a safe supplement made from plant extract, it can make you fail a drug test. Our recent drug screening tests are not advanced enough to distinguish between artificial and natural steroids.

So, if you have a drug test coming in, refrain from taking the supplement for at least 12 hours before the drug test.

3. Does Ecdysterone Affect The Heart?

Ans. Technically yes, there is an effect on your cardiovascular tissue. However, it is not a negative effect due to antioxidant properties and adaptogenic effects, which can enhance heart tissue metabolism and improve vessel function.


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