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Buying a Miter Saw? Read this Pro Guide First!

A miter saw is also known as a chop saw. It is considered a semi-stationary tool for new woodworkers’ purchases.

A milter saw can be used to make repeated cuts, and along with the same lengths, accurate miters and angles as well.

What is a Miter Saw?

It is important to know the difference it has with table saws and band saws. It usually remains stationary as the blade moves through, whereas the table saw and the band saw aren’t able to do that.

This means, that the length of the cut would be limited to the diameter of the blade, due to which the miter saw is used for crosscutting and cutting the board length across the grain.

A table saw is capable of making such a cut as well, but owning both saws tends to be more handy and effective when cutting to make crosscuts.

Whenever you decide to buy a miter saw and look for the best types, make sure to check out where you can go through the Miter Saw ratings and reviews. These will make it easier for you to make a decision.

The Anatomy of a Miter Saw

It has a blade that is attached to the head that swings down to cut.

When it isn’t being used, the spring is used to hold the saw head in an upright position. The blade guard is what helps in covering the blade, which tends to retract automatically while cutting.

For safety purposes, the blade guard is used to help direct sawdust to the rear dust chute and back into the vacuum or the bag. An important precaution to take is never to use a miter saw without a blade guard in place. Miter saw should never be used without the retractable blade guard as well.

While the workpiece is on the table and is held against the fence, this allows the blade to pass through.

Some of the saws consist of clamps which help to keep the board from moving. The front of the blade tends to spin in a downward direction. Then towards the rear of the saw which cuts into the wood.

Sizes of the miter saws

Within the United States, there are three main sizes of the Miter saw, Which is mostly based on the cut capacities. They are also measured by the blade diameters. The three main sizes commonly found are:

  • 7 ¼
  • 10”
  • 12”

The 10″ and the 12″ saws have merit as the 10″ saw can handle most of the cuts. But then the 12” tends to be handier sometimes.

The sliding miter saw is known to be more affordable. But the 10” slider is a good choice as well.

However, the cost of the blades is extremely important to consider. The blades for the 12” are expensive, whereas a 7 ¼ comes least recommended. A 7 ¼ is useful for cutting, molding, and for plumbing the pipes, and the cutting capacity is small.

In conclusion, a 10” miter saw would be more recommended, due to its capacity to handle a lot more cuts than the other two.


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