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Benefits of Resistance Band


If you are fed up with the old same boring workouts and looking for something new and exciting. Also, if you feel exhausted from long cardio and weight lifting then giant elastic bands can do wonders for you. Now you must be wondering what are those elastic bands and what they do. If so then here in this article you will find all details about the resistance band.

By reading this article, you will go through everything you need to know about the elastic band and their types. How you can use them as exercise equipment. For people with the intention of fitness, whether it is about losing weight or gaining muscles these bands can help you a lot.

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About Resistance Band 

The variety of resistance bands can make it harder for you to make a selection. All bands are from the same category with a slight difference. Resistance bands are flat or tubular.

Initially, bands were introduced for medical treatment purposes for patients’ rehabilitation for recovery from injury. The material used for bands is surgical tubing.

Almost every gym has bands so you can use them with the help of instructors. The primary use of bands is in resistance pieces of training. There is a resistance difference that can be recognized by its color the lighter the color, the lighter the resistance. 

Types of resistance bands

After knowing what resistance bands are? Let’s discuss its models and their use. An understanding of all kinds will enable you to use them effectively, or maybe you can start a career as a fitness trainer.

Resistance bands focus on different parts of the body, and while exercising, they provide different resistance, so after knowing about the types you can select the right band for your workout.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form Flat Bands For regular gym workouts, this flat band is the right choice. Flat bands come without handles or grips but provide various levels of resistance.

Colors are usually told the level of resistance, but also you can get the idea through its width. Furthermore, they are used for rehabilitation purposes, for stretching out before and after a workout. 

Pull-up Bands

Pull-up bands are quite famous among fitness geeks. In terms of benefits, pull-up bands are relatively more effective than flat bands. They are more useful in building muscles and offer a great variety of moves during workouts.

The pull-up band’s thickness adds more resistance to your workouts. Also, they are easy to grasp. They used to pull up to increase strength. 

Resistance Tubes

Resistance tubes are the earliest version of resistance bands. They have handles on both sides giving the advantage of being able to do workouts efficiently. 

Figure 8 Band

Different than other band types, its name is after it shapes the figure eight-band is unique due to its shape and resistance level. 

You can use the figure eight-band without any equipment. 

Different again, we have the Figure 8 band (named conveniently after its shape)!

Lateral Resistance Band   

Lateral resistance bands look hard to us the first look. But Its look is designed just to protect the tube inside, and lateral bands are designed for lower-body workouts.

The Benefits of Resistance Bands

For fitness lovers, this can be good news that you do not have to buy expensive equipment as you can use these resistance bands at a low cost. If you compare them with exercise bikes, power tower treadmills are a cheap and very economical product for your daily workout.


We all know that taking the gym with you wherever you are going is impossible. But some portable products like resistance bands can offer you all assistance in your daily workout even if you are away from your gym.


Resistance bands come in various resistance levels and strengths. So its adaptability is higher than other types of equipment.

Rehabilitation and Stretching

Tubes of flat bands are commonly used for stretching and rehabilitation.


These bands are easy to learn. So you can start practicing in a short time and get benefits.

Full-Body Workout

Resistance bands are designed for full-body workouts. So indeed they provide a range of benefits in workouts. 


Resistance bands are designed for strength training and also for other exercises. If you add maximal effort, you can achieve the desired results sooner than you expect.

All you need is commitment and to keep beating your best in every next attempt you make. Try higher reps if you are working out for strength or muscle gain. Try to be quick and fast; this will show results soon.

Be careful to avoid any injury during workouts. These bands are beneficial for strength training, and you can adjust their intensity levels. 


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