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Benefits of Installing Aluminum Sliding Tray on UTE

In Australia and New Zealand, another name for a pickup truck is UTEs. All UTEs come with company-fitted tubs but the majority of people like to install the aluminum tray on their UTEs because these sliding trays give many advantages and benefits. Although some people still like company-fitted tubs, aluminum trays attract the majority of people. Ready to install UTE trays are present but you can also order a customized UTE slide tray at RolaCase.

Following are some benefits of installing aluminum trays on UTEs.

Install UTE slide tray and increase load capacity

When you compare the load capacity of UTEs with a standard load-carrying tub with a customized sliding tray you can note. This sliding tray offers more load capacity and you can carry all needed belongings.

Customized sliding tray

Company fitted tubs of UTEs have no custom design options but you can customize your aluminum tray with a unique design and color of your choice. You can ask the manufacturer to make a unique sliding tray for your UTE.


You can install not only a simple aluminum sliding tray on your UTE but also mix different accessories. This is not possible in the case of a standard company-fitted tub. Some of the features of both standard tubs and aluminum trays are the same in the sense of carrying load but aluminum trays carry the extra load these can slide in and out. You can also fit drawers on these trays making things easy to carry and unload.

Benefits in working

It becomes easy for you to go for your work. If your Ute is fitted with a sliding aluminum tray. Because it can carry more tools and equipment to your workplace. So, enjoy driving Ute and your work.

Benefits in picnics of sliding tray

These aluminum trays on your Ute make your picnic trips more comfortable and enjoyable because you can carry many needed things for trips like food, carpets, chairs, etc. You also can install the sliding roof on your Ute which makes your picnic more enjoyable.


These sliding aluminum trays can be used for a longer period if maintained properly. Although, these trays are made up of good material that can withstand much wear and tear. These trays are rust-free.

Improvement in the outlook of your UTE

These aluminum trays improve the apparent outlook of your vehicle because they come in good design and attractive colors making your Ute unique and attractive.

Enhanced security

Extra security features can be installed on Ute by customizing a sliding aluminum tray. For example, installing a lockable toolbox and lockable drawer security for tools and equipment remains intact.

Increase in the market value of UTE with sliding tray

By installing these sliding aluminum trays on your Ute. You can not only make them attractive but also increase their market price. Because installing sliding aluminum trays has some costs that customers are ready to pay.

It is advisable to install these aluminum trays to increase load capacity, security, and good outlook.


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