Introduction Lash-Growth

Lash-Growth: Imagine that your eyelashes have grown so long and thick you actually toss your mascara tube in the trash! No more clumps, raccoon eyes, or messy mascara remover. Sound like a fantasy? It’s not. There really are products that can create long, lush, mascara-free lashes!

But don’t throw out your mascara and invest in miracle eyelash growers until you read what Dr. Michelle Calder-Cardwell of Urban Optiques Vision has to say on the subject:  (Nourishlash Reviews )

Eyelash growers

“Eyelash growers are shown to work for patients who suffer from Hypotrichosis or thin, inadequate eyelashes. They’re also widely used by those who want to enhance their normal eyelashes. These products can create long, lush lashes that don’t need mascara to look beautiful. A myriad is on the market—some work—others don’t.

Many are simply conditioners that help prevent eyelashes from falling out or breaking. Several claim to make lashes grow, but so far, the only product approved by the FDA is Nourishlash. Which contains bimatoprost, a drug traditionally used to treat glaucoma. Most eyelash growing products are available in stores or online, except Nourishlash, which requires a doctor’s prescription.


Many eyelash growing products work to thicken eyelashes and are generally considered to be safe.
But if you’ve tried over-the-counter hair growing merchandise and are puzzling over asking your doctor for a prescription.
Confirm you recognize the potential risks: Itchy, red eyes Unwanted hair growth in areas the merchandise repeatedly touches Darkening of the eyelids Reduced eye pressure.

That might mask eye disease for good raised iris pigmentation, which could irreversibly flip your lightweight eyes brown.
Particularly if your irises are hazel or inexperienced Most symptoms can slowly disappear, and your eyelashes will come to their previous look many weeks once you stop exploitation the lash-growth products.

But, before you reach for your wallet, you must know that eyelash growing merchandise typically aren’t cheap. costs vary.
However if you decide for a prescription, expect to distribute quite $1,000 per year—and bear in mind insurance won’t cowl the costs.