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All About the Cycle of Depression [Major Causes]

The Cycle of Depression: As one of the stigma groups, Depression bothers people just as those STD-positive singles. When you first disclose your Depression (HSV, HIV, HPV positive singles all need to disclose their conditions when contact with their sex partners too), it is seemingly not that severe depression is not a sexually transmitted disease. But similarly, depression ruins every long-term relationship and causes harm on the mental side.

On this page, we will tell you how to deal with depression – no matter whether you are the one who catches a depression or you are living with depression people.

Cycle of Depression

The most challenging part of treating depression is diagnosing it. Depression is a phase of feelings when a person starts feeling low and slowly faces its stages. People who suffer from depression have great difficulty dealing with intimate relationships – they either tend to be too sticky or too cold-hearted. In this respect, depression imposes a similar influence of Sexually transmitted disease on a healthy partner, the latter causes problems in the body, however.

Every person has a different experience with depression, as it affects them differently. Now there are five stages in the depression cycle that almost every depressive person faces.


It is the first stage when a person is not ready to accept that depression is possible. The person started rejecting the depression idea and didn’t believe in its symptoms. Usually, depression starts from low self-esteem, and the person thinks it is a temporary lazy situation that passes. However, the duration of the denial stage varies for every person. Some people have a temporary denial stage, and some have prolonged conditions.

Cases show that a significant part of the depression groups is caused by shameful diseases – herpes, HIV, or HPV warts. The influence of the STDs is so profound that they cannot back to normal lives at all. Now for this type of people, a positive singles dating site works, which also serves as an STD community for all positive singles to support each other.


Anger is the second stage in the depression cycle. The person experiencing depression will feel angry about every small or big thing. Anger is a helpless feeling, and it’s widespread. Usually, the anger stage appears when a person doesn’t know about the next step of life. A person on an angry stage also feels scared, and the show couldn’t describe it.


It is a standard part of depression, usually during its diagnosis stage. The person shows engaging but bargaining behaviors. They might show themselves engaged and doing things to get rid of depression. It is a short phase after which a person starts recognizing the situation.

Cycle of Depression

Depression is the process of grief. It is a stage in the depression cycle when your feelings are helpless and overwhelmed. The person who lives in depression wants to withdraw from every life activity and find the outside paths. It is an emotional stage where feelings are numb, and you want to stay in bed the whole time without taking care of cleaning yourself and your living area.

A person needs severe help at this stage to come out of depression and start taking an interest in life. Moreover, the dark torturing thoughts continuously appear in the back of the head and worsen the condition.

Acceptance of reality

It is the last stage in the depression cycle when a person starts accepting the reality that depression is natural and needs professional help. When you or someone who faces depression starts learning to manage the depressive thoughts, you will get out of it. Depression treatments include medical therapies, medications, and moral support.


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