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5 Surprising Signs of Food Intolerance

Did you know that around 20% of people believe they have at least one food intolerance? Finding the cause of food sensitivity and even understanding the signs of food intolerance is no easy task.

Keep reading if you want to understand this topic better and learn about the unusual signs of intolerance.

  1. Skin Complaints 

Food allergies are well-known for causing serious and sometimes life-threatening symptoms, including swelling of the skin, rash, or hives. Dairy intolerance and gluten intolerance impact skin in slightly different ways. Gluten and lactose intolerance can aggravate skin conditions like eczema or cause acne breakouts.

  1. Excess Mucus or Congestion 

Excess mucus production or congestion after consuming dairy products is an unusual sign of lactose intolerance that many don’t recognize. You may feel an excess of phlegm in your throat or cough after drinking milk. If this problem is significant, consider seeing an allergy specialist as it is also a symptom of a food allergy to milk, which is different than lactose intolerance.

If you’re looking to cut all milk from your diet, you’ll need to know about the ingredients from milk hidden in other foods. They are products from milk like casein, caseinate, whey, lactose, ghee, and so on. In addition, you can read more about modified milk ingredients to learn how to identify unwanted additives on food labels.

  1. Joint Pain (Signs of Food Intolerance)

Gluten is a staple ingredient in many foods to the detriment of those with celiac disease and gluten intolerances. An intolerance to gluten as it could trigger inflammation in the body. Gluten intolerance and celiac disease are also at risk for existing joint issues like psoriatic and rheumatoid arthritis.

The pain is often worse or arises in the hours after eating a food product containing gluten.

  1. Headache 

Sensitivities are often challenging to nail down as the symptoms of food intolerance can be vague or belong to a host of other conditions. For example, headaches are a pretty everyday occurrence, and you may not think anything about it if you tend to get headaches at certain times of the day/week. Use a food journal to help find out if food intolerances are the source of your headaches.

Keep track of what you eat at mealtimes and snacks and how you feel about one hour after. It could show a pattern pointing to specific foods heavy in dairy, gluten, sugar alcohols, etc.

  1. Malaise 

Malaise, a general sense of unwellness, can be a sign of food intolerance as your body is not extracting all of the energy from a kind of food you can’t digest. It may occur within hours or days of eating a problem food.

Five Signs of Food Intolerance You Should Know About 

The signs of food intolerance are hard to recognize. Symptoms like skin problems, headache, and malaise coincide with many other conditions, making it difficult to narrow down what the issue is. Keep a food journal, learn about the ingredients to avoid, and discuss a healthy dietary plan with your doctor.

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