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4 Core Workouts to Do at Home

Core Workouts: Did you know that only one in three children is physically active daily?

Exercising and staying in shape is something many people strive to do. Working out and staying healthy can be something people stress about, and they like to find a straightforward resolution.

Being stuck indoors during quarantine can be incredibly restrictive and uncomfortable. Exercise routines can seem obsolete when confined to your home. But, exercising can help stave off depression and loneliness during the lockout period.

Sometimes the best equipment is right under your feet. Try these core workouts to do at home.

Plank With Reach

A strong plank is one of the most challenging and practical core exercises you can do at home. It works your entire core, including your abs, obliques, and lower back. To make it even more challenging, try adding a reach.

Start in a plank position with your hands under your shoulders and your feet shoulder-width apart. Keeping your core muscles engaged, reach your right hand forward and your left foot backward. Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side.

Bicycle Crunch

The most effective core workout at home is the bicycle crunch. To do this exercise, lie on the floor and place your hands behind your head. Bring your knees toward your chest and lift your shoulders off the floor.

Curl your lower body up and to the left, then to the right, like you are pedaling a bicycle. This exercise is highly efficient in targeting all of the muscles in your core. Be sure to keep your abs pulled in tight the entire time.

Diamond Push-ups (Core Workouts)

This exercise targets your chest, shoulders, and triceps, as well as your core muscles. To do a diamond pushup, start in a regular pushup position, but place your hands together so that your thumbs and first fingers form a diamond shape.

Lower yourself until your chest touches the diamond, and then push back up. This exercise is challenging but a great way to build strength and define your upper body.

Crunches on Stability Ball

This is a great way to target your abs and get a good core workout routine without going to the gym. All you need is a stability ball and a mat. Start by lying on your back on the ball with your feet flat on the ground.

Place your hands behind your head and slowly crunch up, keeping your back straight and your abs tight. Do 15-20 reps and then rest for a minute. You can do this workout a few times weekly to help tone your core. If you are wondering about the benefits of taking pilates, check out the link for more information.

Best Core Workouts

You can do plenty of core workouts at home with little to no equipment. Adding a regular core routine to your at-home activities can help improve your posture, balance, and stability.

Plus, having a solid core can help prevent injuries. Give some core workouts a try and see how they help your at-home activities!

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