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3 Types of Moving Services for Your Home or Business

There are over 18,000 moving businesses in the U.S. to help you relocate to your new home or office. However, not all movers provide the same services. Where you move, how far, and what things you need moved all matter when deciding on the best moving services.

Start with the 3 main types of moving services to see which one works for you.

  1. Local Moving Services

Most full-service moving companies offer local services within a certain radius from your home. Another option is to rent a truck and move locally yourself.

However, by using a moving company you can get help packing large items like furniture or fragile things like glassware and artwork. They may even help box your items and wrap them to keep them secure during the move.

The price of a local move will be based on the size of the truck, the number of possessions, and the distance to your next destination.

  1. Long Distance Moving

Another full-service moving method is used for long distances. You may have bought a house in another state and need to relocate or you’ve expanded your business and opened a second location.

This type of relocation may require moving and storage services because you might want to keep some items near your old home or business. Or, your new location may be smaller and it can’t fit all your possessions. A storage unit will keep your items safe until you figure out what to do with these extra items.

Since moving will most likely be out-of-state, the moving company will need to schedule a moving time to reach your new location at the same time as you. You may be flying or driving long distances over the course of several hours or days so plan ahead.

Using a moving company for long distances is essential to move everything all in one trip. It also saves you time and money by using an all-in-one moving and storage service.

  1. International Moving

The best moving company will also offer international options to help you relocate overseas. This is the most complex moving service because it involves shipping to a new country.

Your possessions will need to be cleared by customs and adhere to national laws. This also means that your items will need to travel by boat or plane in some cases. That is why this moving service is more expensive and takes more time.

The cost will also depend on what country you are moving to, the cubic space needed to ship your stuff, and which mode of transpiration you choose.

You should plan ahead to decide on the shipping time and make a budget. You want to arrive at your home or office at the same time as your possessions. And, storing unnecessary items in a storage unit in your current country may be cheaper than transporting them.

Choosing Between Moving Services

There are many moving services to choose from, so how do you pick one? Find a company that offers the services you need then get a quote. You will be able to compare the cost and see what’s included in each service to help you make a decision.


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