Top 5 SMTP Services That Deliver Mail Effectively

Introduction of SMTP

SMTP is the abbreviation of a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It tends to be the industry standards that help to send emails on the Internet. The main objective of SMPT as a service is to deliver the mails to the user’s inbox. Many IT companies and agencies are available that offer their best services regarding SMTP. DuoCircle is one of the best companies that provide SMTP services for small and medium businesses.

Moreover, the business mails require protection from scammers; you can receive a security system to protect your emails. It is a better potion to outsource the services to make sure that mail has been delivered properly to the user’s inbox.

Top 5 SMTP Services

Top SMTP Services

Many service provider facilities you deal with mass mails, transactional mail, WordPress mails, and others. Some of the SMPT services are given below:


SendGrid considers as a powerful service provider that base on the cloud-bases SMTP. It mainly focuses to send the mass emails and contains higher scalability features. The SMTP relay can be set conveniently and compatible with all types of a WordPress site.

Moreover, it contains email analytics, email templates as well as delivery optimization tools. Additionally, it offers some amazing tools that help to improve email delivery as well as IP addresses and domain name tools.


MailGun tends to be the most famous providers that offer their services, particularly for developers and businesses. It is considered as the easiest way to integrate WordPress websites. It is a very convenient way to send the promotional and transactional emails such as eCommerce store or any small business.

Additionally, they also deliver the beginner-friendly features and also suitable in the competitive market. If you want to improve the deliverability of emails and want dedicated IP, it is the best option for you.


SendPulse is regarded as the SMTP services provider that helps to send the transactional emails specifically to the list of subscribers. It leads to a multi-channel medium that offers various marketing tools in a single system. Additionally, it also presents the email automation and performance evaluation metrics.

Some of the features of sendpulse are:

  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Reports
  • Statistics
  • SPF and DKIM records
  • List of unsubscribers

SMTP server

SMTP server tends to be an application that mainly focuses to send, receive, or relay between the sender and receiver through emails. It consists of some addresses that have been set by the application. Furthermore, It is easy to use and also decides which server will be used to send the emails. It is also familiar as the basic server to send the emails on various servers. Additionally, it processes the code and sends the emails to the user’s inbox.

Amazon SES

Amazon SES is also well-known as Amazon Web Services. It bases on the cloud computing infrastructure. It includes cloud-based SMTP that has been designed for developers. And it also sends notifications, emails, and transactional emails for marketing campaigns. It is the most convenient and suitable for advanced users and developers. Additionally, it is considered the most economical service in the market.


In a nutshell, SMTP consists of some standards that help to deliver mails. Many service providers are available that offer the best services to send various types of emails. Top effective ways of sending mails are given that can helps you in several ways.

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