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The Different Types of Bathroom Layouts That Homeowners Love Today

Types of Bathroom Layouts: Are you planning on renovating your bathroom?

Choosing the suitable layout for your house’s bathroom is a matter of taste and convenience. And if your home has other people who will be using the bathroom regularly, you should also carefully consider their preferences and needs.

We’re here to help you out. Below are types of bathroom layouts and examples of the best patterns out there.

Keep reading to see what catches your eye!

Single-Wall Layout

A single-wall layout is one of the most popular bathroom layouts for homeowners today. This type of layout features one large wall, usually with the bathtub, toilet, and sink centered along the wall.

This allows for easy movement and access from all sides of the bathroom. With this popular style, the biggest advantage homeowners love is the space-saving benefits. Single-wall layouts are also easy to decorate by the best home decor as the items are all in a row, making it simple to pull the look together.

Plus, since everything is tucked into one wall, this can help open up the bathroom’s look, making it appear larger. Additionally, with its use of space, a single-wall layout is an excellent option for smaller residential bathrooms, allowing homeowners to maximize space without losing functionality.

Galley Layout

This layout works by setting two parallel walls of fixtures, often including a toilet, sink, and sometimes a bathtub. This layout allows the bathroom to feel much larger than it is by creating an efficient and spacious feeling with its symmetry.

The vanity typically sits along the longest wall, with a mirror above and storage below to maximize space. The walls of fixtures provide opportunities to incorporate shower backsplash ideas, such as tile designs, color schemes, and recessed shelving.

This layout also allows for efficient storage to minimize clutter, as storage can be conveniently tucked away in between the two walls of fixtures. A Galley Layout bathroom is ideal for smaller spaces and those on a budget who want to make the most of their design.

Open-Plan Bathroom Layouts

An OpenPlan layout is one of the most popular bathroom layouts homeowners love today. It involves creating a visible space from one end to the other. This means that the shower, toilet, and vanity may be within eyesight of one another.

Other advantages of the open plan layout are that it creates an airy, spacious feeling and is easy to keep clean since everything is in view.

Natural light can also easily be brought into the bathroom as the floor plan is largely unobstructed. Additionally, it creates a continuous flow between rooms, allowing homeowners to feel more connected to the living space.

L-Shaped Layout

The L Shaped Layout is one of the most popular types of bathroom layouts today among homeowners. An L-shaped layout makes the most of a small bathroom by squeezing all your essential toiletries and fixtures into one corner.

The use of multiple colors and textures can be used to create an organized yet modern design. Natural materials such as wood and stone can add more texture and warmth.

Popular Types of Bathroom Layouts

Homeowners now have great options from which to choose when selecting bathroom layouts for their homes. It’s essential to consider size, usage, and current plumbing.

Homeowners can make the best decision for their unique design by understanding the various types of bathroom layouts. Contact a local contractor or interior designer today for more tips and advice on home renovation projects!

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