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The 10 Best NFL Jerseys

NFL Jerseys: The National Football League: a home for the most ruthless and savage athletes who ever existed. A safe haven for the freak of the freaks. The premier source of athletic entertainment in America.

Whatever the NFL is to you as an individual, it is universally regarded as the best football league in the world and houses the best athletes walking on the planet. However, while many are worried about how to bet on Super Bowl, or where their team will finish in the division, the sports world often overlooks the most basic level of enjoyment— the cosmetics.

Here is a list of the best uniforms in the league.


#10: Tennessee Titans

The Titans’ classic blue-on-blue look perfectly represents their blue-collar system, led by workhorse Derrick Henry. The red and white accents and alternates also provide a clean-looking pop without sacrificing the integrity of the team’s main colors or resorting to outlandish designs to mix class with fashion. Not only are the Titans one of the historically great teams in the AFC South, but they are also the best dressed.


#9: Buffalo Bills (NFL Jerseys)

There is something about those Buffalo jerseys that perfectly complement their team— the only thing that would make it better is if the designers somehow found a way to incorporate table smashing! Buffalo’s cool blue reflects the brutally cold winds of the city, while the contrasting red shows their big-play ability and burning-hot defensive fire.


#8: Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers struck a perfect blend with their yellow, white, and blue, which looks and feels like the area of Southern California. LA’s iconic lightning bolt jumps off the jerseys but is not contrasted to the point that it hurts the eye, and is easily displayed on one of the 0 best uniforms in the league.


#7: Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have not fallen upon easy times in the 21st century, but their silky-smooth uniforms are great to see on television. The only problem that arises is the bright sunlight can make the turquoise of their jerseys hard to look at through a screen, but then again, that is Miami— bright sun, fashion, and thrill.


#6: Arizona Cardinals

Arizona is another example of a team that perfectly matched its geographical aesthetic with its jerseys; the red ember of the uniforms shows the heat that can get turned on in the desert, but also on the football field from its high-flying offense and athletic defense. The iconic Cardinal emblem is simple and clean and fits well.


#5: Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos’ kits feel just like the city and organization: clean, organized, classy. The blue and orange give the country a feel without sacrificing the tidy aesthetic or any sort of underlying power. Which is reinforced by the Bronco logo. Denver did not try to do too much with its color scheme. Which behooved itself in the long run. As they have one of the most put-together looks in football.


#4: Cincinnati Bengals (NFL Jerseys)

Who doesn’t like to see Cincinnati on the television? Sure, it helps when they are playing well. Which is not always often. But their fear-inspiring black and orange combination is not only sleek and luxurious but also brutal and savage. If contests were decided by appeal, the Bengals would win a majority of their outings before stepping on the field.


#3: Dallas Cowboys

America’s team is best when suited up in its throwback uniforms. But even their modern look has perfectly blended simplicity with elegance, pitting the navy blue against a field of silver and white. Dallas’ uniform perfectly represents its nickname and has the team looking good on all of those national television time slots.


#2: Baltimore Ravens (NFL Jerseys)

Baltimore’s color scheme is unique and portrays grit with skill; grind with intelligence; heroism with pragmatism. They are undoubtedly one of the best-dressed in the league, so putting them at number two is not an overstatement.


#1: Carolina Panthers

It best looks in the league. Nothing else needs to be said.

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