Some mental health facts important to know


May has been considered Health Awareness Month and it is important to guide people about mental health. It is very helpful to increase awareness among people. Millions of people in the U.S are battling health problems every year. Mental health relates to thinking, feelings, and emotions. Furthermore, it is essential to face life’s situation and how to handle stress. Moreover, it has also great effects on physical health. Some mental health facts are very valuable to know for people to promote awareness. Many aspects of our lives affect mental health. That’s why it is primitive to get familiar with mental health facts.

Depression and stress in people are becoming very common in our society. On the other side, the treatments are getting so much more expensive and unaffordable. Many myths and facts help to clear up so many unnecessary things. It is a great factor that is very helpful to improve mental health.

Let’s have a look at some mental health facts:

Mental health is very common

Many people think that having a mental health problem is very rare. But it is wrong and the fact is that it is a very common problem. One in five adults is facing mental health issues in America and one in ten young people. Serious mental illness contains bipolar disorder and major depression.

Furthermore, many people who face mental health problems want to commit suicide. Moreover, it is a mental health fact that depression is the 10th leading reason in America. It is very important to know about these facts.

Young children also go through mental health concerns

Many people believe that young children don’t show the signs of mental health but it’s wrong. It is a great mental health fact that your children also go through mental health.

Moreover, many factors are included in it that become the reason for mental health issues in young children. These factors contain social, psychological, and biological.

Furthermore, it is a fact that the first sign of mental health disorder shows at the age of 14. It is important to provide proper treatment for young children. This is curable with the help of treatment and care. As well as, it is very essential for the development of children.

People with mental health problems are not always violent

The majority of people think that people with mental disorders are violent and unpredictable. But it is not true. It is a mental health fact that only 3% to 5% of people behave aggressively. Therefore, it can be easily treated with some medications.

As well, heed and care are powerful tools to solve the mental health problem in any person. Moreover, you can also make the victim people more prolific.

People with mental health problems are creative as others

A large number of people believe that people with mental health issues can’t perform their official tasks appropriately. It is untrue because people with mental health are much more productive the same as others.

They can easily handle the stress of the job and can also work as other employees. Some positive things are part of mental health people such as good attendance, punctuality, and so on. Furthermore, they are more motivated and good at work the same as other employees.

Many employees receive effective treatment and the result is:

  • Reduce medical costs
  • Helps to increase productivity
  • Helps to reduce the disability cost
  • Lower the absence from the job

It is a mental health fact that proper treatment helps to find the best solution to mental health issues.

Factors included in mental health

Many factors become the reason for mental health disorders. Furthermore, it has been assumed that people with mental health problems become lazy and weak. This is not a mental health fact because it doesn’t happen in every case. Indeed, it varies from person to person and we can’t think about every patient.

Some factors are given underneath that contribute to mental health disorders:

Biological factors about mental health facts

Biological factors are the main cause of mental health problems. It contains mental illness, brain chemistry, physical illness, and genes. It is very important to deal with these factors appropriately.

Life experiences

It can be seen that many people suffer so many bad experiences in their lives. It is also a factor that has a great influence on mental health. This also creates so many mental issues in someone’s life. It has included trauma, a history of abuse, and many other issues like this.

Family history

Your family is a great factor that can create so many mental health problems. Additionally, if someone in your blood relation is having mental health problems, it can also transfer to you. It is a mental health fact that a family history of mental problems also becomes the cause of mental illness.

People with mental health recover completely

Studies show a mental health fact that people with mental illness can recover completely. It is fictitious that people with mental illness can’t recover completely. Meanwhile, they can recover in a better way with proper treatment. In their recovery process, they can live, work, learn, and also contribute to social activities. These things help a lot to get better more effectively and efficiently.

Friends and love are a big treatment

Love and friends work as a treatment for mental illness people and it is a great mental health fact. It has been observed that friends and family members leave alone people who have a mental illness. This behavior is more hurtful for the patient. Some important aspects are very important to know to treat mental health people:

  • You need to describe that you’re always available to them.
  • You need to provide the best services regarding mental health issues.
  • It is important to share mental health facts because it motivates the patients.
  • You need to give respect, honor, and time and treat them politely.
  • Don’t use the labels for them such as “crazy” “insane” or others.


Knowing about mental health facts is very important. It is very informative and provides awareness about the facts and myths. Moreover, these facts are also very beneficial for quick recovery and also motivate the patients in several ways.

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