Retail Marketing 101: Tips to Increase In-Store Sales

According to a study by Zippia, in-store sales are still more popular than buying goods online, despite the recent rise in e-commerce. At least 40% of consumers still buy something off the shelf at least once a week. Would you like to ensure these in-person shoppers are spending their money in your store? Keep reading for our top retail marketing tips to help you achieve this goal.

Draw More Customers in Retail Marketing

Increasing your store’s foot traffic is half the battle won. So, work on your curb appeal to attract more feet through your doors.

Window displays work well to pique the interest of passers-by, especially when you’ve got your most desirable or well-priced items on show.

Spend time setting up an eye-catching, appealing design that creatively showcases your goods. Lighting and complementary colors work well, along with different levels for different products.

Seasonal themes help draw attention and increase foot traffic. Your window display is also a good opportunity to introduce new products or highlight some of the lesser-known ones.

Help Customers Feel at Home

Customers remain in comfortable environments for longer, and the longer they stay, the more they’re likely to spend.

Creating a comfortable, welcoming, and inviting atmosphere for your customers helps them feel at ease. Relaxed customers browse longer and spend more money.

Free Wi-Fi and coffee are two of the most cost-effective ways to attract shoppers away from your competition.

Experiential marketing helps turn an average trip to the shops into a memorable experience. Some tactics include touchscreen facilities for comparing product prices, reading reviews, or advertising the latest special offers.

Good experiences will also encourage your customers to recommend your store, both online and off.

Analyze Your Retail Marketing Efforts

You can’t tell if your marketing efforts are paying off without tracking the results. Firstly, you should analyze your foot traffic.

Sensors help monitor how many people enter your store, but you need a good point-of-sales system to keep track of sales. Many of the latest designs offer a wide range of precise functionality.

Thanks to this, you can track, measure, and interpret sales, customer, and employee data.

Promote Your Products

Although in-store sales are king, most shoppers begin their search for goods and services online. This gives you abundant opportunities to advertise any special offers and draw your customers’ attention.

You can use social media and even paid Facebook Ads to showcase these great deals. Follow up in-store with bold displays to draw attention to them.

Read this for more information on effective product promotions and placement.

Grow Your Business One Sale at a Time

Word-of-mouth is still one of the most effective forms of retail marketing. So, give your customers something to talk about by providing outstanding, personalized service, without being too promotional.

A personal touch in a comfortable environment helps consumers feel valued and spend more money.

They’ll also tell their friends, colleagues, and neighbors about the treatment they receive. This could lead to more business for your store.

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