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How Much Does Professional Gutter Cleaning Usually Cost?

Professional Gutter Cleaning: The global field of rain gutters is growing at a 5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the next few years. Home gutters are a big part of the market because homeowners need to protect their properties and their investment.

Your home is built to filter out the rain so that it doesn’t get heavy on your roof and create significant damage. With clean gutters, your home will perform better, last longer, and you’ll save you plenty of trouble.

But how much does a gutter cleaning service cost? We’re glad to explain. Here’s what you should know about getting professional gutter cleaning for your home.

Study the Gutter Cleaning Cost

Gutter cleaning prices range between $120 and $180 in most cases. The price of the service will depend on the square footage of your home, the difficulty of the work, and the heavy lifting involved.

Knowing how much you need to budget for the work will help you select professionals in your area that can offer quality work at a fair rate.

Understand the Cause of Clogged Gutters

Most gutter problems boil down to clogs. When sticks, twigs, leaves, and other material packs your gutters, it’s more difficult for them to drain. When your gutters aren’t free to drain, water will sit on your roof, weigh down the shingles and tiles, and breed mold throughout your roof, attic, and other areas.

Your gutters can also get clogged with ice and snow during winter storms. For best results, you must clean your gutters twice per year so that your house is more functional and to lessen the potential for damage.

Learn the Process of Gutter Cleaning

When you’re going to clean your gutters, figure out if you’d like to handle the work yourself or call in contractors. If you’re going to do your own gutter cleaning, take necessary precautions, purchase a sturdy ladder, and wear pants and shoes that won’t cause you to trip or slip.

Use pressurized water or a gloved hand to remove debris and allow for the flow of rain down the spout. If you hire a professional, you’ll pay a small amount and get speedy cleaning with the best results. They’ll also relieve you of the need to take the physical risk.

Understanding the best way to clean gutters will help you get results for your household.

Find the Help of Gutter Cleaning Contractors

If you do decide to hire professionals for your gutter cleaning services, make sure to hire those that are credible, Better Business Bureau (BBB) graded and licensed in the state you live in.

Get price quotes from at least two to four different gutter cleaning professionals in writing so that you receive the best rate for the work.

Invest in Professional Gutter Cleaning

Getting professional gutter cleaning can help you protect your house for years to come. Your home requires some TLC to get the best performance from it, and this is possible one gutter cleaning appointment at a time.


Since your house is an investment, protect it with the help of gutter cleaning contractors. In the meantime, read our other articles to learn more about home improvement and other tips that’ll serve your life.

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